Smart Shopping: The Best Time To Buy A Mattress

Bed-Roll or Futon

Timing is everything, especially for those who make big purchases. The best time to go shopping for high valued items coincides with introductions of new models. End of seasons brings excellent bargains as well. A lot of reasons will drive you into buying a new mattress. Maybe you are moving in with someone, or the current one has seen better days. Like most household items, new mattresses are not cheap. This means that sometimes you need to forget about the latest or the greatest. Be on the look-out for that time of the year you are likely to get the best deal for your cash by keeping these critical periods in mind.

During Overstock Sales

A phenomenon which occurs mostly in spring and autumn. This is a period when most retailers replenish current year inventory. A good number of stores always order more than anticipated due to existing high consumer demand. Pop in at the middle of this supply confusion and chances are you will go home with a good mattress at a pocket friendly price.

National Holidays

Statistically, most stores offer huge periodic sales during holidays and other observances. These are the periods when a premium mattress is obtainable for even half the normal price. As a budget shopper you would know what this actually means.

End of The Year

Undoubtedly the most popular period for shoppers. This period is characterized by special discounts in many outlets. As the law of demand and supply suggests, lower the price of your mattress, increase your sales. It’s the same period retailers strive to clear their current stock of mattresses so as to replace them with newer models. Check this site with your outlet during this period and you sure to nail a good bargain.

New Store Openings

When you need an upgrade then you can keep an eye on banner ads just in case for a once in a while opportunity. Clinch a better deal in anything just by turning up among the first shoppers in any new store.

Restocking and Inventory Taking

Reputable stores mark fiscal year end by stock taking. In this period employees will take inventory of all available units. Old models, slightly damaged or mismatched sales are the odds unearthed in this process. During reopening, the “odd” mattresses are up for sales first with a lowered price tag. You can save some bucks by going shopping at the end of a financial year typically September in many states.

Though it may surprise many, it is always possible to negotiate mattress prices in most chains. Remember, if you bargain, you are able to get tax taken off the price of a mattress or even get a free delivery home. Chances are higher getting a discount if you go to a store yourself rather than online buying.


The list above answers to a great extent this important question. Try putting all these together and for sure you will be in the path to finding a great bargain every quarter. Know the model to buy ahead of time, look out for offers, and when they come up, go for your desired mattress. You will have saved a lot.

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