Review #1, My Friend with Autism Enhanced Edition by Beverly Bishop

Written By Beverly Bishop
Illustrated by Craig Bishop

Beverly Bishop was determined to help her son with autism fit in with his peers by fostering understanding and tolerance among her son’s friends and schoolmates. She wrote My Friend with Autism for her son’s elementary teachers and peers. Beverly conducts autism awareness trainings for law enforcement officers and teaches safety and educational classes around the country for parents, family members, professionals, college students, and other community members. Beverly has also taught in both public and private schools. Beverly and her husband, Thad, have two children who have enjoyed homeschooling and acting.

Craig Bishop worked as an art educator in Michigan Public Schools for thirty years. He retired from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo as an instructor in Art Education, where he also received his early training in art. Craig enjoys painting, illustrating, teaching art classes, and being a grandparent to Henry and Lucy.

My Friend with Autism Cover Image


I was quite impressed by the book. I liked how it was very realistic, and easy to understand for children. I have 3 autistic kids and am a bit Asperger’s Syndrome, I can definitely relate as others on the spectrum or with children or family members on the spectrum will definitely relate to and love the book, “My Friend with Autism” by Beverly Bishop.

I really liked how Beverly Bishop, focused on the unique attributes that Autistic People as well as strengths and weaknesses, and showed how they can be advantages that should lead people to want to make friends with them.

I really liked the illustrations by Craig Bishop as well, they were very nicely rendered and made the book enjoyable to read for they younger people like my kids who are 10, 15 and 15.

The enhanced edition of the book, “My Friend with Autism” was very nice in that it includes coloring pages, which allow the younger readers to really enjoy the book even more.

Finally, I liked the notes section, it stated statistical information on autism as well, as tips to help adults to understand autism, and how to help children to relate to those on the autism spectrum.

I would definitely recommend “My Friend with Autism,” by Beverly Bishop to schools with autistic education programs, or autistic students to help the non-autistic kids relate to them better.

I would also recommend, “My Friend with Autism,” to parents, and families of people on the autism spectrum.

Review by David Berkowitz,
President of Autism Advocacy and Technology News Zone, Inc.(A Nevada Nonprofit Corporation)

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