Mcor Launches World’s First Full-Color, Desktop 3D Printer, Mcor ARKe!

McorARKe Mcor-Arke-Paper-Roll


Company aims to put a 3D printer in every office, classroom, and did showcase Mcor ARKe at CES 2016

LAS VEGAS, January 6, 2015 – Mcor, the leader in industrial full-color 3D printing, today launched Mcor ARKe, the world’s first, full-color, desktop 3D printer. With Mcor ARKe, Mcor now offers their industrial quality full color 3D printing on the desktop. The premium 3D printer is also low cost, reliable and safe, enabling 3D printing to jump the chasm to a much broader range of creative professionals and truly facilitating creative learning like no other 3D printer has to date. CES 2016 attendees can see Mcor ARKe in action today through Saturday, January 9 in the 3D Printing TechZone, Sands Expo Booth 72916.

Developed with the vision of making full color 3D printing more accessible to a latent creative market, Mcor ARKe achieves this goal in several ways:

• Full, photorealistic color: With a DPI of 4800×2400, Mcor ARKe brings high resolution color to the desktop transforming desktop 3D printing from a monochromatic age to a world of full color
• Cost-effective: using Mcor’s unique Selective Deposition Lamination technology, Mcor ARKe makes low cost, professional class 3D printing accessible
• Safe and eco-friendly: No harmful particle emissions, or toxic chemicals are used during printing, making Mcor ARKe a safe addition to any classroom or office. Further, green processes and recyclable materials are used in operation
• Customizable and compact: Mcor ARKe allows users to choose from a selection of covers to suit their unique style
• Reliable and easy-to-use: High-resolution touchscreen and LED progress task bar makes viewing status of a build possible from anywhere in a classroom or studio
“Our mission is to put a 3D printer in every office, classroom, and eventually every home, and Mcor ARKe is a huge step in that direction,” said Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies. “The launch of Mcor ARKe is a defining moment for Mcor and the 3D printing industry, much like the iPhone was for Apple and the 747 was for Boeing. I believe that this is a disruptive step that will transform this industry stimulating widespread adoption of 3D printing particularly in education and among creative professional. Further, we have already received over 2,500 pre-orders for Mcor ARKe and anticipate unrivalled demand in 2016.”

Mcor ARKe has a launch price of $5,995 USD MSRP for the CES event and is available Q2 2016. For more information on Mcor ARKe, please visit [] or stop by Booth 72916 at CES.


A sample of their output–>



About Mcor
Mcor Technologies Ltd is an innovative manufacturer of the world’s most affordable, full-color premium 3D printers. Established in 2005 with a talented team of specialists in the area of 3D printing hardware and software, Mcor’s vision is to make 3D printing more accessible to everyone. The company operates internationally from offices in Ireland, the UK, America and APAC.

Our Commentary:

I had the opportunity to see samples printer on MCOR’s printers and I was quite impressed. They are made from paper, and are printed in full color so the objects look close to being real. Despire being made of paper, the printed items feel quite solid. I am rather amazed by my first exposure to their amazing 3d printer.

David #makers4autism

Preview our Autism Fairy Tale-Francesco the Autistic Puppet.

I am collaborating with a friend, David Grant, an author on a fairy tale involving an autistic character.
It has a positive message, and shows that people or characters with special needs can do great things.

Check out the book here--Francesco

Here is a link to the first book in the series a prequel to the book involving Francesco the Autistic Puppet:

link to–>Bellarina!

Dw. Grants Novel Bellarina

link to–>Bellarina!

We are splitting any funds raised to  help us to help autism and get our 501c3 !!

I have a preview the next book about an autistic puppet character who winds up doing great things a chapter per week starting soon.


Please buy both books, Bellarina now, and Francesco later when it is published to help us to help autism, plus the books are excellent and worth reading.


Here is a Brief summary Francesco the Autistic Puppet and info from the cover of the new Book:


Geppetto’s Autistic Puppet


By DW Grant

For Dave B.,

and the great big smile that comes up from his very large heart.

A summary of the second Chapter of the Book!
In a deep green valley in the Alps, between the Two Great Mountains, an old
toymaker searches the forest for the perfect piece of wood that may contain his
next toy. When he walks in the door of his shop with a twisted, knotted, and
impossible to carve old tree branch, his finished toys shake their heads. What
could crazy old Geppetto be thinking?
The old man knows exactly what he is thinking. He is thinking with his heart again,
this time about the sadness of his village. They need his creative skills, so the
wood he looks for must bottle up the magic in this next puppet and it must be
strong, and made from the most solid tree. Then he will attack the impossible
with his knife and chisel and create a miracle for those he loves.
Not long ago his valley was happy and joyful, and, like the smoke from their
chimneys, a song rose from every house. Farmers sang in the fields, and every
village shop was full of creative play and joy. Candles were made with waxy love,
cakes were frosted with sweet humor, and even their cheeses filled mouths with
a witty sharpness. The joy of caring for farm, family, and each other made each
day a holiday, at least before The Great War broke out.
The madness of The Great War stole the villager’s sons, and singers, killed the
song in their lives, and left their souls angry and bitter. A dark cloud rose from
devastated hearts instead of song. It hung like a heavy winter coat over each
person, making each once joyous service a task, and a burdensome duty.
Geppetto suffered a loss too, so he not only saw it, but felt it as much as any of
his neighbors. Pinocchio was gone too, and it grieved him to the deepest parts of
his heart.
Remember, Pinocchio became a real boy, but he also grew into a real man, and as
real men must sometimes do, marched off to a Great War with other sons, but
had not returned. Like the other fathers around him the old toymaker was proud,
but broken hearted. Was his son dead and gone forever? He was not sure, and his
prayers attacked Heaven often for the answer.
Good King Festweiller knew how his subjects were feeling too, for the halls of his
castle were cold and damp from the grief he was feeling for his own two sons. But
being a good and wise King, Festweiller cared beyond his own heart for the lives of his people, and he decided to create some magic of his own. One dark morning
he sent his messengers out to the villages with a proclamation and an invitation.
The members of his guard that were too old to march off to war visited each
village, and declared his solution.

Stay Tune for more previews from Francesco the Autistic Puppet coming soon!

Here is a link to checkout and purchase the first book in the series a prequel to the book involving Francesco the Autistic Puppet:

link to–>Bellarina!

Dw. Grants Novel Bellarina

link to–>Bellarina!

Breffo Spiderpodium an exciting and versatile product from the UK

I ran into Breffo at CES 2012 and CES 2013.

I had the recent opportunity to test and review the Breffo Spiderpodium’s the little one for phones and the larger one for tablets. To put it mildly I was impressed by their design, ease of use, versatility and how fun they are!! It is a quick and simple user friendly stand and much more.

Description from Breffo’s Website–>

Designed with today’s portable handheld consumer electronics in mind, the ‘take it everywhere, use it anywhere’ Spiderpodium portable dock & podium is a universal, multi-purpose, gadget grip, holster, dock and display podium which is compatible with most all compact handheld devices including smartphones, portable phones, portable movie players, mp3/4 players, gaming systems, SatNav’s, camcorders, portable projectors, compact camera’s, e-readers and more!

Utility and Versatility

They are efficient, and can be used for phones, tablets, cameras, gps devices, and mp3 player. They are easy to take with you such as in a camera bag or laptop case. They are flexible and can be manipulated to work with a variety of devices and on a many surfaces as well.


The amazing and versatile breffo holders!!
The amazing and versatile breffo holders!!


The Breffo Spiderpodium tablet and smaller device holders are fun as well. They look like spiders, and since I work for Orkin in commercial sales they are fun for us to show customers. My twin almost 17 year old sons also love them. My wife however does not want them any where near the dinner table since she has a fear of spiders which can be fun in itself as well.



As seen in the following image, they come in a variety of colors to suit the user’s preference.
They come in 2 basic sizes, one for smaller objects. I used that one with my old Sony Xperia ION, and my new Samsung Galaxy S3 and my daughter’s ipod touch and they worked well for all devices. The ipod touch was a bit small but the Breffo Spiderpodium worked well for it as well. I also tested the larger model for tablets and was impressed with it too. I used the larger one with my Apple Ipad Mini, and HTC View 4g and it worked well. Breffo might want to consider a larger one for the larger android tablets as well. The breffo tablet spiderpodium worked well with my Ipad Mini, and My co-workers ipad as well.

I did not review the new one that just came out for cameras specifically but it appears to be quite nice as well.

One thing that could improve the product is some type of suction cup on the end of the spiderprodium for use on shiny surfaces like glass tables but other than that they are very nicely design and fun as well.

A variety of colors and 2 sizes.
A variety of colors and 2 sizes.

Here are some videos of the product in action from other reviewers:

and a link from a review the that guys at Engadget did as well–>

In testing we found that the Spiderpodium Tablet was an excellent tool and it worked well for Android and Appple tablets as well as phones, after we go a handle on how to use the spiderpodium manipulate it’s arms properly it worked quite well. It could also be helpfull to hold up a book, or portable dvd player or a mirror in a beauty shop as long as it does not scare the users. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to have hands free access to a device for watching a movie, reading a book or doing a presentation!! The Breffo Spiderpodium can also be used for holding a tablet to the back of a car’s head rest so the people in the back seat can watch movies too. There are tons of uses for the exciting Breffo Spiderpodiums!!

John Bonjovi’s Acoustic Performance at the Obama for America Event in Las Vegas 10/6/2012 At the House of Blues

My family and I had the opportunity to attend an Obama for America event at the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, on October 6, 2012. We got to see an acoustic performance by John Bonjovi.

Please vote this year.

Part 2:–>

Part 3:–>


We are an arts nonprofit 4 autism, please help us to help autism!!!

We would like to thank John Bonjovi for the opportunity to see him and his fellow artists perform in person and helping the campaign!!

As a card carrying member of the middle class I support the president.

Support our campaign on indiegogo as well,


Flash Mob Las Vegas Town Center Best Buddies March 10, 2012

We had the opportunity to attend an event Sponsored by Best Buddies Las Vegas. One of my sons are involved in best Buddies. He is still waiting on a buddy of his own, but has attended and enjoyed a number of events. They held a flash mob at the Town Center in Las Vegas on March 10, 2012. My wife and our 3 autistic kids enjoyed the event. I had fun as well.

Here are 5 youtube videos that I recorded at the event.

A shout out to the best Buddies of Las Vegas.

We are also trying to help the special needs community and autism via our news website and autism nonprofit.

Please help us to make a difference via tech, music, the arts for people with autism!!

For further information on Best Buddies Las Vegas here is a link to their facebook page–>

our site

Blackberry Playbook with OS 2.0-A preliminary overview

RIM, Research in Motion recently updated their Blackberry Playbook to 2.0. To say the lease I am impressed so far. I would love to test one out and do a formal review especially among the autistic education community. If you can send us one or 2 that would help us to help autistic people via technology, music, and the arts and to improve the quality of life for autistic people.

I tried out the new version of the OS at CES and was quite impressed by the improved design, and email client.

Intuitive social integration–>

Smartphone and Tablet Work Better Together on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0–>

M-Edge Super Shell for Ipad 2 a product review from Technewszone

I recently had the opportunity to try out M-Edges Super ShellCover for ipad. I was quite impressed by it’s design and durability. It should be a nice product to use for special needs kids who use Ipad’s as well as younger ones too. I let a local preschool borrow it for a day and they really liked its design, construction and ability to protect the Apple Ipad 2 from harm.

About M-Edge:

About M-Edge

M-Edge Accessories was founded in 2006 as a solution to the growing demand for fashionable and protective accessories for e-readers. Since its inception, M-Edge’s product offerings grew rapidly to include several lines of accessories for the most popular e-reader and tablet devices on the market, including iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Kindle and Nook family of devices. M-Edge’s innovative e-reader and tablet accessories exude style and sophistication while providing complete device protection. M-Edge’s mission is to enhance the experience of everyone who comes in contact with the brand by creating innovative and stylish products, evolving with fast-changing technology, and inspiring them to reach their full potential.

M-Edge products are currently available in Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Staples, and RadioShack stores nationwide, as well as select Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Nordstrom stores. M-Edge has been featured in national publications such as InStyle, O, The Oprah Magazine, People Magazine, Engadget, Wired, and CNET.



Made from ultra-protective closed-cell foam that helps absorb shocks if iPad is dropped
SuperShell wraps around all iPad borders with thick, high-impact corners for maximum protection
Opening for rear facing camera and speaker
Allows access to all ports and buttons
Push buttons for volume and power
Finely dimpled texture allows for no slip grip

Patent Pending

Weight: 9.6oz
Dimensions: 9.5in x 11.3in x 1.1in


Look – it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait – it’s SuperShell! This kid and family-friendly foam frame for iPad is the perfect addition to the superhero’s utility belt. The SuperShell is made from ultra-protective closed-cell foam that helps absorb shocks if the iPad is dropped. The case wraps around the iPad and provides access to the rear facing camera and speaker, with push buttons for volume and power. The finely dimpled texture and ridges create an easy, handheld grip while the thick, high-impact corners provide maximum protection. Available in superhero colors like Atomic Green, this case will save the day!

M-Edge, a leading edge manufacturer of innovative tablet and smart phone cases, now has a case they say can be said to be kid proof. They can also be used by people that are rough on such products.

I would definitely recommend it anyone who needs to protect their Ipad 2 from harm!!!

Here are some images of the product that I tested–>

A video review from CES from our friends at State of Tech:

I wish that they had one for my HTC View 4g in blue or orange.

It is available on their website at

If we ever get funded to give away Ipad’s to autistic children and young adults as is our mission and dream, these would be a great addition to include with each one!!!

Please check out our other autism related articles and reviews as well–>

Tech Review 2-19-2012 On+rion Extended Life Smart Phone Batteries and Cases for EVO 4G, EVO3D and LG Esteem

While at CES 2012 I had the opportunity to check out the impressive technology from On+trion. I was quite impressed by their batteries, cases and other products. They have since sent me some samples of their products to test, and talk about.

About On+tion–>

OnTrion Battery Company.

OnTrion Battery Company is based in Dallas, Texas and we are a successful manufacturer and distributor of cell phone batteries. We are serving this industry since 9 years and steadily growing with a huge number of consumers and distributors across the nation.

At OnTrion™, we have introduced our branded mobile phone batteries called Ontrion™ Batteries. These batteries are suitable to be used for all makes and models of mobile phones from different parts of the world. These are compatible with different brands of handsets such as Nokia, Motorola, Huawei, LG, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, etc.

We package OnTrion™ Batteries with 100% recycled material being true to our motto, which is “Let’s Embrace Green in Life™”. We have developed and tested these batteries with sophisticated machines to measure battery cell’s its SOH(state of health) for testing batteries and with high-end computers. It is our guarantee that Ontrion™ will serve better than any other low end aftermarket battery available in the market. The voltage range of our batteries ranges from 650 mAh and 1600 mAh and we make use of superior Li-Ion and Li-Polymer cells. It is our 100% guarantee that you will be immensely satisfied with the quality and performance of Ontrion Batteries, which maintain all the standards and specifications of OEM batteries.

Over the years, we have devoted quality service to the US market. We have set up our own warehouse and research and Development center where our expert professionals work on innovative concepts to provide the users with high quality products.

We are devoted to grow along with our customers and this is possible only by providing high quality products and services in a consistent manner. Our customers and distributors have immense faith in our products and that is why we enjoy continuous expansion of our resources. 100% customer satisfaction is what we aim for and so far we have been successful in our objectives.

A link to their website:–>

I received 3 products from them:

a) A case and extended life battery for the LG Esteeem MS910/VS910
b) A case and extended life battery for the HTC EVO 3d
C) A case and extended life battery for the HTC EVO 4g


I do not have an LG Esteem, but I did bring the battery to the phone store to show them and they were quite impressed with it, and I saw it in use at the CES2012. I am impressed by the quality of the cover and the battery itself. The extended life battery should nearly double the battery life of the phone.

In regards to the EVO 4G and EVO 3d by HTC, I have an EVO 4g for my job at Pitney Bowes, and I personally own an EVO 3D.

The biggest complaints that I have about those phones is their battery life.

I like the design of the extended battery cover on both EVO Phones. While testing the phones for a week I found that the battery life with the On+rion extended life batteries was significantly better on my EVO 3D. While watching Netflix for 1.5 hours I would normally have used up 30-40% of my batter life but with the On+rion extended life battery it was more like 15-20%. In all day usage without charging I noticed a 40-55% plus average increase in battery life over the oem stock batteries.The extended life battery for the EVO 3D is 2400 MA which is significantly better than the stock battery. In actual performance it was much better at holding a charge than the stock battery.

Here are some pictures of my battle worn HTC EVO 3D with its new back cover and battery. I was very impressed with how nice the case for my EVO 3D is, the only thing that I wish that they had kept was the colored ring that the original case around the 3d camera. The new back case seems to made as good if not better than the stock back cover. In future editions they may want to keep the rougher texture on the extended life battery more like the stock back case with its red ring around the 3d cameras. It is a small thing, purely aesthetics.

I also tested it on the EVO 4G, which made all of my fellow Pitney Bowes Employees in the Las Vegas sales office jealous. We were all very impressed by the design and performance of the batteries and the fit and finish of the back case.

The batteries and case make the phone EVO 4g a but thicker and slightly heavier at least in my perception, but I feel that it is definitely worth it in terms of the much better battery life.

The extended battery case for the HTC EVO 4G by On+rion is very nice, actually a bit different than that on the EVO 3D, but it fits well in a pocket or in the case of ladies using it, it would fit well in your purse.

In general it is definitely worth it if you need better battery life for your phone, or are away from a place where you can plug your phone in.

Here are some images of my EVO 4g and On+rion’s case and battery–>

Overall I am quite impressed by On+rion’s products and their design and performance. The only downsize would be their size and weight increase which could be a concern for some users. I feel that the benefits justify the increase in size and weight.

For more information go to On+rion’s website at–>