Our family stood up for Cancer today at Ries Elementary School Blast off for a Cure Event on behalf of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

My daughter’s school Ries Elementary had a walk and event today for the Nevada Childhood cancer foundation. The event was hosted by Casey Smith from ABC Channel 13,he is one of their anchors. He does a tremendous job at it. He works for KTNV Action News here in Las Vegas, Nevada. His commitment to helping Cancer is obvious, he is truly an inspiration. If we could just find someone like that to help us to help autism we would be making a huge difference.

We also met Veronica Lopez an amazing singer who sang The Star Spangled Banner our US National Anthem for the event. She did a tremendous job.

The event was well attended and hopefully made a huge difference for cancer.

My family has been affected by Cancer, my sister is a breast cancer survivor, and my mom passed away from poly-cystic carcinoma 1-18-2002. My wife had 2 uncles and an aunt pass from cancer as well. It is a cause that is near and dear to my heart as well.

Though our main focus is helping autism, we also plan to give to help cancer as well once we have sponsors, supporters and donors.

Ries elementary did a great job with the inaugural event. We also all walked, jogged or ran a mile which is good for all of our health.

Please help the Nevada Childhood cancer foundation if you can—>http://www.nvccf.org/

Images from the event–>

KTNV Las Vegas Channel 13 Action News Anchor Man Casey Smith Speaks at Ries Elementary School in support of the Nevada Childhood cancer foundation–>

Veronica Lopez Sings at the Ries Elementary School Event on 2/25/2012 to Support the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation–>

Tech Review 2-19-2012 On+rion Extended Life Smart Phone Batteries and Cases for EVO 4G, EVO3D and LG Esteem

While at CES 2012 I had the opportunity to check out the impressive technology from On+trion. I was quite impressed by their batteries, cases and other products. They have since sent me some samples of their products to test, and talk about.

About On+tion–>

OnTrion Battery Company.

OnTrion Battery Company is based in Dallas, Texas and we are a successful manufacturer and distributor of cell phone batteries. We are serving this industry since 9 years and steadily growing with a huge number of consumers and distributors across the nation.

At OnTrion™, we have introduced our branded mobile phone batteries called Ontrion™ Batteries. These batteries are suitable to be used for all makes and models of mobile phones from different parts of the world. These are compatible with different brands of handsets such as Nokia, Motorola, Huawei, LG, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, etc.

We package OnTrion™ Batteries with 100% recycled material being true to our motto, which is “Let’s Embrace Green in Life™”. We have developed and tested these batteries with sophisticated machines to measure battery cell’s its SOH(state of health) for testing batteries and with high-end computers. It is our guarantee that Ontrion™ will serve better than any other low end aftermarket battery available in the market. The voltage range of our batteries ranges from 650 mAh and 1600 mAh and we make use of superior Li-Ion and Li-Polymer cells. It is our 100% guarantee that you will be immensely satisfied with the quality and performance of Ontrion Batteries, which maintain all the standards and specifications of OEM batteries.

Over the years, we have devoted quality service to the US market. We have set up our own warehouse and research and Development center where our expert professionals work on innovative concepts to provide the users with high quality products.

We are devoted to grow along with our customers and this is possible only by providing high quality products and services in a consistent manner. Our customers and distributors have immense faith in our products and that is why we enjoy continuous expansion of our resources. 100% customer satisfaction is what we aim for and so far we have been successful in our objectives.

A link to their website:–>http://www.ontrion.com/AboutUs.asp

I received 3 products from them:

a) A case and extended life battery for the LG Esteeem MS910/VS910
b) A case and extended life battery for the HTC EVO 3d
C) A case and extended life battery for the HTC EVO 4g


I do not have an LG Esteem, but I did bring the battery to the phone store to show them and they were quite impressed with it, and I saw it in use at the CES2012. I am impressed by the quality of the cover and the battery itself. The extended life battery should nearly double the battery life of the phone.

In regards to the EVO 4G and EVO 3d by HTC, I have an EVO 4g for my job at Pitney Bowes, and I personally own an EVO 3D.

The biggest complaints that I have about those phones is their battery life.

I like the design of the extended battery cover on both EVO Phones. While testing the phones for a week I found that the battery life with the On+rion extended life batteries was significantly better on my EVO 3D. While watching Netflix for 1.5 hours I would normally have used up 30-40% of my batter life but with the On+rion extended life battery it was more like 15-20%. In all day usage without charging I noticed a 40-55% plus average increase in battery life over the oem stock batteries.The extended life battery for the EVO 3D is 2400 MA which is significantly better than the stock battery. In actual performance it was much better at holding a charge than the stock battery.

Here are some pictures of my battle worn HTC EVO 3D with its new back cover and battery. I was very impressed with how nice the case for my EVO 3D is, the only thing that I wish that they had kept was the colored ring that the original case around the 3d camera. The new back case seems to made as good if not better than the stock back cover. In future editions they may want to keep the rougher texture on the extended life battery more like the stock back case with its red ring around the 3d cameras. It is a small thing, purely aesthetics.

I also tested it on the EVO 4G, which made all of my fellow Pitney Bowes Employees in the Las Vegas sales office jealous. We were all very impressed by the design and performance of the batteries and the fit and finish of the back case.

The batteries and case make the phone EVO 4g a but thicker and slightly heavier at least in my perception, but I feel that it is definitely worth it in terms of the much better battery life.

The extended battery case for the HTC EVO 4G by On+rion is very nice, actually a bit different than that on the EVO 3D, but it fits well in a pocket or in the case of ladies using it, it would fit well in your purse.

In general it is definitely worth it if you need better battery life for your phone, or are away from a place where you can plug your phone in.

Here are some images of my EVO 4g and On+rion’s case and battery–>

Overall I am quite impressed by On+rion’s products and their design and performance. The only downsize would be their size and weight increase which could be a concern for some users. I feel that the benefits justify the increase in size and weight.

For more information go to On+rion’s website at–>http://www.ontrion.com/

Intel at CES 2012 Press Conference and Releases Ultrabooks, Smartphones and Tablet Platform

First a light hearted start of the press event the history of Dance–>


Press Release from CES 2012–>

Intel Strikes Multi-year, Multi-Device Strategic Partnership with Motorola Mobility*, Including Smartphones that Motorola Will Begin to Ship in 2H 2012

Lenovo K800 Smartphone Based on Intel® Technology Available in Second Quarter 2012 in China

INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, Las Vegas, Jan. 10, 2012 – Intel Corporation today announced a number of advancements across its smartphone business, including a multi-year, multi-device strategic relationship with Motorola Mobility*, Inc. and a handset by Lenovo* based on the company’s new Intel® Atom™ processor platform. Several smartphones based on the new Atom processor are expected to come to market in 2012.

“The best of Intel computing is coming to smartphones,” said Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini. “Our efforts with Lenovo and Motorola Mobility will help to establish Intel processors in smartphones and provide a solid foundation from which to build in 2012 and into the future.”

Otellini made the announcements during a keynote address at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show. He also detailed Ultrabook™ category momentum and described how the company is innovating to deliver superior experiences across a range of mobile devices.

Intel Computing Inside Smartphones and Tablets
Intel CEO highlighted the Intel® Atom™ processor Z2460 platform, formerly “Medfield,” which was specifically designed for smartphones and tablets, and delivers leading performance with competitive, energy efficiency.

Sanjay Jha, chairman and CEO of Motorola Mobility, joined Otellini onstage and the two executives detailed their companies’ multi-year, multi-device strategic relationship. The effort includes smartphones that Motorola will begin to ship in the second half of this year using Intel Atom processors and the Android* platform. The collaboration, which also covers tablets, combines Intel’s leadership in silicon technology and computing innovation with Motorola’s mobile device design expertise.

Liu Jun, Lenovo senior vice president and president of Mobile Internet and Digital Home, also joined Otellini onstage to debut the Lenovo K800*smartphone based on Intel technology and running the Android* platform. Liu Jun said the K800 smartphone will be available in China in the second quarter and will run on China Unicom’s 21Mbs network. The smartphone features the low-power Intel® Atom™ processor Z2460 with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology, support for HSPA+ with the Intel® XMM™ 6260 Platform, and the Lenovo LeOS user interface for a localized experience in China.

Otellini said enabling the best mobile experience is a priority for Intel. Michael Bell, general manager of Intel’s Mobile and Communications Group, also joined Otellini onstage to demonstrate the Intel® Smartphone Reference Design that aims to shrink device development time and costs for phone OEMs and carriers. This fully functioning smartphone features sleek packaging, a 4.03-inch high-resolution LCD touch screen for crisp text and vibrant images, and two cameras delivering advanced imaging capabilities, including burst mode that allows individuals to capture 15 pictures in less than a second with 8-megapixel quality.

Showcasing the popular Angry Birds* application on the phone, Bell pointed to broad Android* applications support that allows Intel technology-based smartphones to run the vast majority of Android* applications, including those compiled for other architectures.

Otellini said Intel will raise the bar on tablet experiences by offering compatibility with the millions of existing applications and devices; an instant-on, software and apps experience; and support of the Metro* user interface. Onstage was the world’s first public demonstration of the forthcoming 32nm Intel Atom SoC for tablets and hybrids running on Microsoft* Windows* 8, codenamed “Clover Trail.”

Ultrabook to Completely Redefine PCs
Intel is leading the industry to re-invent personal computing again with the creation of the new category of Ultrabook devices, delivering a no-compromise computing experience in thin and elegant designs.

In just eight months, and built on a foundation of broad consumer appeal and ecosystem support, the category has gained strong momentum with a total of more than 75 ultra sleek, ultra responsive and secure Ultrabook systems expected to ship this year from industry partners.

Jeff Clarke, vice chairman of Global Operations and End User Computing Solutions at Dell*, joined Otellini onstage to announce the company’s first Ultrabook, the new XPS 13* powered by the Intel® Core™ i7 processor. Scheduled for February availability, the sleek and stylish design weighs only 2.99 lbs and provides up to 8 hours of battery life.

Intel is committed to the continued rapid improvement in user experience. The company’s engineers will further accelerate Ultrabook innovation in 2012 with 3rd generation Intel Core processors, codenamed “Ivy Bridge,” with the help of Intel’s revolutionary 22nm 3-D Tri-gate transistors.

This next generation of devices will expand the computing experience beyond anything realized today. Two Ultrabook concept designs powered by “Ivy Bridge” were demonstrated during the keynote speech.

Intel’s CEO promised that these devices will be more secure and eliminate the discussion on trade-offs for computing, like form factor, user interface or performance. He also said Ultrabooks will offer a flagship platform for a premium, no-compromise environment that helps deliver on the Microsoft* Windows* 8 promise of re-imagining Windows.

Applications specifically suited for the Ultrabook are available from the Intel AppUpSM center, a one-stop shop for the latest PC apps. Intel announced a strategic relationship between Intel and Technicolor* surrounding M-GO, an app powered by Intel AppUp that will bring high-definition, premium digital content for television, movies, music and apps to Ultrabook devices and other Intel-based devices with Intel® Insider™ in the second quarter of 2012. M-GO will provide movies and TV shows from major Hollywood studios and help manage HD premium content across multiple devices and platforms via a single intuitive, secure user interface.

About Intel
Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. Additional information about Intel is available at newsroom.intel.com and blogs.intel.com.

Intel, Intel Core, Atom, Ultrabook, the Intel logo and Ultrabook are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Intel and has been an amazing organization, who offer exciting and cutting edge technology.

We will be featured in a Radio Interview on Las Vegas Radio Channels 107.9 and 105.7 on 5/8/11 at 6:30 am

I would like to let people know that we will be on the radio on Beasley Broadcastings Las Vegas Channels 107.9 and 105.7 on Sunday the 8th at 6:30 am. I would like to thank Camila Buechler at GGB/Beasley Broadcasting for the chance to do a Radio Interview on our Nonprofit.