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Founder of goes on the record to talk about himself: Apserger’s brainiac, almost M.B.A., Army veteran, native Las Vegan, father of three children – a girl, 10, and twin 14-year-old boys on the autism spectrum.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. / PR FREE / Mar 09 2011 —
David Berkowitz took a few years to get his pet project off the ground. The founder of ( had more than a few challenges to overcome: to be specific, he is an Apserger’s brainiac whose accomplishments brought him within shot of an M.B.A. and Army service.

The native Las Vegan is also a father of three children – a girl, 10, and twin 14-year-old boys with their own challenges somewhere on the autism spectrum.

According to Berkowitz, “I have been in and around the tech industry for most of my life. I have been in and around the worlds of autism and Special Olympics since my twins were born in 1996. My kids are all verbal; two are educationally delayed by about years, lack coordination, and one has a few more complexities – educationally delayed, verbal, and in a self-contained classroom.”

In regards to starting the Web site, Berkowitz says he had thought about getting started for many years, but with the start of the new decade, and his 42nd birthday, “I decided to finally do it. I want to pay it forward and make a difference for autism.”

Berkowitz points out that the Web site’s focus is on Autism news and resources, and on fundraising to help autistic people and their families.

“The second focus of my Web site is on technology, leaning towards special needs-related technology. My intent is to grow into a news organization that has autism as its primary cause. The Web site presents technology reviews; our YouTube channel will grow to have reviews on products, especially those relating to special needs, and those that could help autistic people, and will be an online fundraising organization as well for autism. Once I get the fundraiser actually fundraising, I will post the stories and pictures of some of the people that received help or at least the photos of the ones we donate iPads to, if they want us to.

“In the future, I want to raise funds to send autistic families on trips or or kids to camp. I want to be community-driven and appeal to what people want or need help with.”

Currently the site is featuring a fundraiser with (; for every 60 pieces of their autism-focused jewelry that is purchased on behalf of (, for $20 each, the company will donate an iPad. As an incentive to get people to donate, give one iPad away to one of the donors for every 3 or 4 iPads that we earn if they want it; otherwise proceeds can go to the autistic people that need them.

“We need support, articles, and notice of our existence in order to make a difference,” affirms Berkowitz.

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