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As of April 18,2011 We are officially a state registered Non-Profit(Charity on the behalf of Autism, based out of Nevada)->Autism Advocacy and Technology News Zone, Inc.

Our Mission–>
1) We will give the gift of technology and musical instruments to autistic people and class rooms that need those items

2) We will give the gift of culture and entertainment and sports, by helping to provide free tickets to autistic people, their families and others that can not afford the tickets, more people need to enjoy their lives

3) We will give educational and vocational scholarships to those that need them preferably on the autism spectrum.

4) We will build awareness of autism and our desire to make a difference as much as possible so as to truly make a difference for autistic people, their families, friends, and educational facilities for autistic people.


T–>Technology Donations
E–>Educational Assistance
A–>Arts and Musical Gifts to Individuals and Educational Institutions
C–>Care and Assistance for those with Autism
H–>Help those that need it, pay if forward for Autism.

One thought on “Mission!!

  1. Hi,
    I am a Mother of a 16 year old boy who has Autism.My sister heard you on the radio and though I might find your site of intrest.Is there anywhere I can find out more about project seed.My sister said you are local.We live here in las vegas, nevada.
    Stacey Donachy

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