Book Review: The Way I See It by Temple Grandin, Ph.D.

The book was written by Temple Grandin, A Brilliant Lady and like my self and my kids she is on the Autism Spectrum.
The forward was by Emily Gerson Saines, who is also experienced with world of autistic people, as well as the editor Veronica Zysk. The book is entitled: “The Way I see It Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition with 14 New Articles.”


Being on the spectrum, the book was an insight into the mind of another person on the spectrum. I was very impressed by her descriptions of her view point on Autism from the perspective of a person with the disorder. In addition, I really liked her stories of being educated as a child, and growing up with autism. I also was very impressed with the details on helping people on the spectrum as well as her experiences as an adult and her first and ensuing speaking experiences.

I found her social experiences and work experiences to be very interesting, and now do no like a square peg anymore.

In the book, Temple Grandin spoke with regards to life with autism, the life of nonverbal people and children. Since my kids and I are all verbal, it was very nice to hear what live is like without the ability to communicate verbally, and with other manifestations brought about by having autism.

Later in the Book Temple Grandin, made reference to different treatment options available both medical and on ones own with regards to variations in ones diet, medicines, and general level of health.

I will take much of her advice into my own life to improve my life and that of my children.

Since I am more of a person who thinks in terms of logic, patterns, verbal and mathematics, it was quite interesting too see the perspective of a person who is very intelligent and a thinker in pictures and images. I found that part of the book to be very informative, interesting and it was nice to view the world from a different perspective.

I have been high functioning Asperger’s all my life, but do not know many others on the spectrum, and am new to the community so it was nice to know that there are others on the spectrum who are doing great things to improve the lives of others on the spectrum as well.

Overall the book was amazing and I found it very difficult to put down, and will definitely use it as a valuable resource as time goes on. It will definitely become a permanent fixture in my library.

I would definitely recommend that everyone on and off the spectrum should read it especially those that have friends and family affected by autism.

David J. Berkowitz
Autism Advocacy and Technology News Zone, Inc.
June 7, 2011
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