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Here was our first youtube video! From 2011!

R1 Robo 3d Printer, a Preview

We were recently introduced to Robo3d and their exciting line of 3d printers.


Here are a few videos with regards to their products:

An overview of the advantages of creating your world–>

and a cool one on how to make a bow tie–>

and finally a Celtic Skull with nice electro-techno music–>

and an overview video from Rasim Muratovic–>

and one by Barnacules Nerdgasm a fellow tech nerd blogger–>

A New innovative bluetooth Padlock!!

The Quicklock Padlock is the smartest and most capable electronic padlock in the world. It ditches easily-lost keys and forgotten combinations in favor of NFC and Bluetooth technologies. SafeTech Products is launching a new evolution of safety and security through its NFC technologies, and with built-in data tracking, the Quicklock Padlock is more than just a smart lock—it can even be used as a portable inventory management or entry solution.


One phone can be used to control multiple padlocks. Because a number of different NFC-enabled wearable tech items can be used to unlock the padlock as well (including fobs, rings, and keycards), the need for multiple keys is eliminated. AND, a single Quicklock Padlock can store up to 50 NFC fobs/tags with rights unlock it.

Here is an interesting video of the padlock in action:



In the Process of Testing and Reviewing the ByRobot Drone Fighter

We were given a Byrobot Drone figter to test at CES 2015:

We are huge fans of drones and want to really delve into the various types sizes, and brands.

So far we are quite impressed, and will do a follow up review of it once we more thoroughly test it. One of my teen age sons has been testing it as well and is quite impressed.

Here is a Youtube video that we were sent a link to from a flyover that the folks from Byrobot did at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.


Sadly enough we do not, at this point have the camera.

We are still learning to fly the wee device but this is a cool image from Byrobots site showing the flight capabilities of the mini drone–>

So far it is a nice device.

The one thing that I wish it had was a gyroscope of some sort so that it can hover in place.

We will have a follow up article and some videos as well once we are more versed in flying it.

One nice aspect of the product is the quite decent flight simulator software that it comes with. One can plug the tiny controller that comes with the quadcopter into your pc and you can practice flying it in a virtual environment.


Star Wars the Force Awakens Trailer and information!

We are looking forward to the new Star Wars Movie see–>

Here is a link to the IMDB details as well–>

The official site–>


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Wacky Weather Videos My Wife took in Southwest Las Vegas 9/9/2013

Double rainbow photo




Here are some weather videos from Las Vegas that my wife and I took today 9/9/2013–>

Double Rainbow video #1

Video #2//Las Vegas Southern Highlands Jones Boulevard–>

Video #3 Las Vegas Near Hacienda Road–>

Another Double Rainbow video

Video #5 Las Vegas Storm 9.9.13–>

Final Video From Las Vegas Near the Gold Goast Hotel and the Palms–>

mophie juice pack® – Samsung Galaxy S® III battery case and Powerstation– A Technewszone Overview

Recently I had the opportunity to test and review the mophie juice pack® – Samsung Galaxy S® III battery case. I was quite impressed to say the least. I also had the opportunity to test the powerstation battery pack as well.

The design and construction of both  were very nice. I tested the black juice pack with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and really like how it felt in the hand as well as the radical increase in battery life and its’ ability ability to let the phone be used for a long duration. I also tested the mophie juice pack powerstation® and it is also a solid device that really improves the life of products for people that need to charge their devices when away from a convenient power plus or usb port. It would be great on a train, bus, ship or airplane or for use while camping.

Samsung Galaxy s3 Juice pack 1
Samsung Galaxy s3 Juice pack 1

Mophie Juice Pack

And images of the powerstation:–>

Mophie Juice Pack Samsung Galaxy s3
Mophie Juice Pack Samsung Galaxy s3


A review from our Friends at ubergizomo, too.

Our brief Youtube overview videos #1, the juicepack for Samsung Galaxy s3–>

Our second brief overview video on the Mophie Powerstation power pack–>

Here is a simple video with regards to juice pack as well from Mobile Nations Gear!!–>

In regards to the Juice Pack Mophie states that it offers the following specifications:

Additional Battery Hours:

Galaxy S III:
Talk Time: Up to 9 hours on 3G | Up to 7 hours on 4G
Internet Use: Up to 9 hours on 4G | Up to 11 hours on Wi-Fi
Audio Playback: Up to 32 hours
Video Playback: Up to 8 hours



Product Dimensions: 5.91 in x 2.97 in x 0.67 in
Battery Capacity: 2300 mAh
Estimated Shipping Weight: 1lbs
Item model number: 2200_JP-SSG-BLK, 2245_JP-SSG-WHT
Shipping: This product ships world wide

Product Category: Cell Phone External Battery
Product Compatibility: Galaxy S III not included
Package Content Included: mophie juice pack®, USB-micro cable, User’s Manual
Patent: Pending

as far as the Powerstation


Product Dimensions: 2.28 in x 4.09 in x 0.53 in
Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh
Estimated Shipping Weight: 1lbs
Item model number: 2027_JPU-PWRSTION-2
Shipping: This product ships world wide

Product Category: USB Battery Charger
Product Compatibility: Smart phones, tablets & gaming devices
Package Content Included: mophie juice pack powerstation®, USB charging cable, User Manual
Patent Pending: iPhone, iPad, iPod not included

In summary I was impressed with real world testing of both products, their quality of build, the increased battery life for my devices, and their ease of use as well.

Please check these products out on Mophies website as well–>!!