Lulzbot’s New Sidekick Printers!

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We have been fans of Lulzbot since the beginning. We recently received a MINI 2 to test and review and to help education too. We are really impressed with it and the quality. Now they have launched the intriguing and new Sidekick. According to their website: For under $1000, own a LulzBot® TAZ SideKick!  A 3D […]

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We have been on the web since 1/11/11.

I am an army vet, aspie, father of 3 with autism. I am usually in field sales for a full time job too.

We do product reviews, attend trade shows as press too.

We are also trying to support and promote stem education too.

We are heavily into tech, especially 3d printing. We do 3d printing reviews, beta testing and are trying to do events to help education using 3d printing and other tech too!

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Here was our first youtube video! From 2011!

Legends Soccer Autism Fundraiser



and FEAT_20Logo_webphone_1_.2.3.1

We are partnering with the folks at Legends soccer and to do an autism fundraiser.

If you use following link and enter A4A as the coupon code Featsonv and Arts4autism( receive 20% of the ticket price to help us to get our 501c3 and help autism too.

First you go to this link:

Then you enter promo code A4A It is valid for any game of the season!!

If we sell at least 100 tickets we will have a halftime fundraising event on the 2nd of December at their Las Vegas home game!!

Please tell all and share as well!!

Preview of the Polaroid XS80 Action Camera at the Las Vegas Bestbuddies Friendship walk!!

We received a Polaroid XS80 to test and review recently. So far it works well, is easy to use and has great video quality. I only wish that it had an external microphone slot, another cool addition would be a screen. I am impressed by it, the included mounting hardware is decent. It offers great quality for the price.

Polaroid XS80 HD 1080p 16MP Waterproof Sports Action Video Camera With Mounting Kit

According to Polaroid it offers:

  • Professional sensor with low-light performance.
  • Very light, weighs just 3.9 oz.
  • Vibrates: Confirms functions when visual confirmation isn’t practical.
  • G-Sensor (Auto Rotation) for “which end is up” assurance.
  • Waterproof up to 30 feet / 10 meters
  • Distortion-Free ultra wide angle lens provides 120 degrees of coverage.
  • Aerodynamic design and shock-proof exterior minimizes wind noise.
  • Single button record that’s easy and ready for action.
  • Video options: 1080p, 720p.
  • Still image options: 16MP, 5MP, 3MP, 1 x or 3x (burst) Shooting Mode + Time Lapse.
  • Full helmet mount included.

Here are a few test videos from the Best Buddies Event recently in Las Vegas, we will post other event videos from it as well as time goes by:



Video #1–>

Here is another–>

Here is the third one–>

The video quality is quite nice!! I would recommend this to anyone who needs a solid easy to use video solution especially for extreme sports!

Here is a link to Polaroid’s site–>

Here is one to Best Buddies in Las Vegas as well–>

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Walk off hits a new band, from Sports Social in Las Vegas an event for autism!!

My family and I attended an event that Sports Social, an organization that helps autistic people learn to ride bikes, and scooter, and they offer social development and music education as well. Feat of Southern Nevada was also involved too, they are an autism nonprofit that helps in a variety of ways for people with autism and their families too. We are fond of both organizations.

Links to
Feat of Southern Nevada–>

Sports Social of Las Vegas’s website–>

Here are 3 videos of Walk off hits. Some of walk off hits work at Sports Social helping the people with autism, so please tell all and share widely!!!

Walk of hits songs can be purchased on itunes and spotify if you are interested!!

Please help us to help autism too, we need funding to buy instruments, save for our IRS fees for the 501c3 we are working on the paper work for.

Personally I am the aspie dad of 3 with autism, a tech news writer and reviewer, am working on a 501c3, and work for Orkin in Commercial sales keep me in mind for commercial pest control.