Puzzle Tablet 3 – revision

We would like to thank the following people for helping us with Raffles and events!!!

1) Terry Fator for Donating a pair of tickets for our raffle at the Israeli Independence day on 4/29/2012

2) Recycled Percussion for Donating DVD’s of their show last fall, and then also 2 pairs of tickets for our raffle on 4/29/2012.

3) Mari Nosal for her help with exposure on twitter, and the use of her articles on our site

4) Debbie See for helping with our logo and exposure last year 2011.

5) My Sister Michelle for helping us with 2 fundraising events last year.

6) Tanner’s Dad who has helped with guidance

7) Gretchen Leary who has helped me with ideas and her positive attitude

8) Safety Girl who has helped us with exposure on twitter.

9) Vickie Ewell for helping us with exposure last year!

10) Autisable, Autism Spot and The autism news who have helped us with ideas and exposure!!

11) Temple Grandin and Jennifer Mcilwee For Being inspirations in autism and autism exposure.

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