Survivors desperate for aid in typhoon-ravaged Philippines

Survivors desperate for aid in typhoon-ravaged Philippines (via AFP)

Survivors of a super typhoon that may have killed more than 10,000 people in the Philippines were growing increasingly desperate for aid Monday, as authorities struggled to cope with potentially the country’s worst recorded natural disaster. As the…

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Why would any #Autism organization want to utilize the Adult Autistic community?

Why would any #Autism organization want to utilize the Adult Autistic community? (via

As a father to 3 boys with Autism, I have a vested interest in seeing the Autism Community succeed in supporting each other, spreading Autism Awareness and not only preparing our kids for the world, but also preparing the world for our kids.  I’ve…

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We have an #Autism Family in Need – Please Read

We have an #Autism Family in Need – Please Read – (via

This is a very special guest post. This family has become very good friends of ours and they are a fellow Autism family that has recently been struck by tragedy. You may recall Jillian as the creator of the uber awesome Bath Bombs that helped kids with…

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Garcia & Seufert Seek Funding via Indiegogo Autism Resource Guide

Ally Garcia and Germaine Seufert Seek Funding via Indiegogo to Create Colorado Autism Resource Guide (via SBWire)

The objective of this campaign is to provide a resource guide free of charge to any parent in Colorado explaining the funding systems, the legislative issues, school problem solvers and more. Lakewood, CO — (SBWIRE) — 10/28/2013 — Autism Spectrum…

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Please help our friends at, a local 501c3 recover from Arson, 4-15-2013!!!

FEAT of Southern Nevada

Our friend at Feat a local 501c3 for autism seriously needs your help!!
In the early morning on April 15th, an arsonist was arrested for setting fire to Sport Social, where the FEAT office is located. No one was hurt, but our office and parts of the warehouse are destroyed from extensive fire and water damage. The FEAT office was the home of our resource center (books, brochures and service provider info) which has all been damaged. The FEAT office is closed until further notice. She is still available to meet with families at other locations (Starbucks etc..) and she is always available on the parent hotline at 368-3328 for those needing assistance.

They are in need of donations at this time to help them get back on their “FEAT”! Please click on this direct link to go to their donation page You can also make a donation through their Face Book page. Please “like” FEAT of Southern Nevada, and click on the red donate now button.

Our friends at Sport Social need help also. For more Information on the arson, including pictures and video please click on this link if you are on your computer:  or click on this link if you are on a mobile browser:

FEAT and Sport Social provide so much support to the local autism community all year long. During Autism Awareness Month we are now turning to you for your support and help. Thank you in advance for your assistance in our time of need, we appreciate your generosity.

Jennifer Strobel
FEAT Executive Director

Please help them in their time of need.



David Berkowitz



How to Use Art to Break Down Barriers When Teaching Autistic Children

Help via the arts!!
Arts for people with autism
Working with autistic children presents an array of challenges for both therapists and parents. However, certified art therapists can really help these individuals. Their methods are not techniques that just anyone can employ though, as art therapists know a great deal about development, health, psychology and art. These techniques are not just for anyone to try, but learning about what these professionals do can be extremely beneficial to those of us who have loved ones living with Autism. Here are some common methods.

House Tree Person
House Tree Person, otherwise known as HTP, is a method that many art therapists use to analyze the drawings of their clients. Essentially, children draw a house on one piece of paper, a tree on a second piece of paper and a person on another piece of paper. From the details or lack thereof used to create these drawings, art therapists can analyze their lives.

Collage Projects
Another popular method employed by art therapists is the construction of collages. Some therapists will provide a certain medium and specific themes that the youngsters must use. For example, an art therapist might ask children to use items found in nature – pine cones and leaves for example, to create a representation of their favorite playground or their backyard at home. Other therapists will provide a range of mediums and tools while asking young ones to create any picture that they wish.

Free Drawing
Here is a method in which, as the name implies, the autistic children have a lot of freedom when it comes to what they would like to draw. Basically, art therapists provide them with paper and tools for drawing, and then the children create a picture in a specified amount of time. Now, you might assume that the therapist analyzes only the actual images put on the paper. However, the therapist will also look at how color was used or how accurately the drawings represent reality. When it comes to art therapy, it’s not about a one-size-fits-all method that works for everyone.

Group Work
Building teamwork skills is an important part of art therapy, and it’s really crucial for autistic children. They tend to have problems when it comes to social development, so any opportunity to work with a group is really excellent. In group settings, they might all be contributing one piece to the drawing. Depending upon the functioning level of the children and their age, a leader might be helping them out with the process. At the end, the art therapist has accomplished his or her task by breaking down walls that the youngsters might have built up toward one another. They can see that teamwork actually has some really positive outcomes, and they need not always be fearful or anxious about working with others.

Megan Ryan writes about health, human development and more. A home nurse, her proudest piece is on the Top 10 Most Affordable Online RN to BSN Programs.

Autism Resources!!!

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Parenting a child with Asperger’s syndrome?

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Nurturing Your Asperger’s Child

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We thank Dinosaur’s and Roses a local Thrift Store and Art Studio in Las Vegas for Helping us with a fundraiser!!!

If you can share the link to this coupon or print it and share it as widely as possible that would be great!!!

We would like to thank Dinosaurs and Roses for believing in us and helping us with a fundraiser!!!

We are trying to help autism via technology, music and the arts and appreciate the help tremendously!!!

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Free Ipads for Autistic People, help with the fundraiser and win one free, too!!!

Please see our fundraiser tab. We are working with to donate Ipads for free to autistic people and families that need them.
Some of the people that participate in the fundraiser can win one as well as part of the promotion.