Lulzbot’s New Sidekick Printers!

We have been fans of Lulzbot since the beginning. We recently received a MINI 2 to test and review and to help education too. We are really impressed with it and the quality.

Now they have launched the intriguing and new Sidekick.

According to their website:

For under $1000, own a LulzBot® TAZ SideKick!

 A 3D printer that is faster, simpler, and ready to print out of the box with free software. This new printer allows users to select color and build volume and add options now or later such as Tool Head, build surface, and electronics. Print with the same wide variety of materials and enjoy the features of the award-winning line of LulzBot® 3D printers.

The sidekick comes in 2 color choices and 2 sizes. One, is the 289,

It offers–>

TAZ SideKick 289

6⅜” x 6⅜” x 7⅛” Build Volume

the other is the 747:

it offers–>

TAZ SideKick 747

9″ x 9″ x 9¾” Build Volume

$995 – Available to Order July 15ᵗʰ.

Here are pictures of what the cool new printers look like:

and here is one in the other available color scheme:
I like the more yellow version and the larger model personally but both are very intriguing.

What is indeed nice about them is that they are customizable.

One can choose your size choice, if you want a magnetic or non-magnetic bed and also if you want the touch screen.

Personally, I like the touch screen and magnetic bed.

What is also awesome is that you have a choice of tool heads just like the Taz printers and Mini 2 offer which makes them quite flexible in their usage.

I think that they would be great for an educational or maker environment.

I am pretty sure but will confirm if these will work with the Mosaic and their multi-material options.

Here is a recent video from Joel Telling, the 3d print nerd:

We are definitely intrigued by the new offerings from Lulzbot and will hopefully get one to test and review at some point.

It is great to have new offerings in the around the $1000 price point. It puts them at a similar price point to the Prusa Printers plus the Sidekick is made in the USA which is a plus. What is also unique about it that the Sidekicks are made of more 3d printed parts than other commercially made 3d printer and they are open source as far as software and hardware.

In terms of options for the sidekick, you have a choice of:



If you want the display

One or more of the Six Tool Heads

If you want a magnetic bed or the standard bed

What is unique about the printers:

They are open source

Choice of colors

Flexible in terms of options

The Z belt and magnetic method to keep it in place!

So far we like what we see!

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