A New innovative bluetooth Padlock!!

The Quicklock Padlock is the smartest and most capable electronic padlock in the world. It ditches easily-lost keys and forgotten combinations in favor of NFC and Bluetooth technologies. SafeTech Products is launching a new evolution of safety and security through its NFC technologies, and with built-in data tracking, the Quicklock Padlock is more than just a smart lock—it can even be used as a portable inventory management or entry solution.


One phone can be used to control multiple padlocks. Because a number of different NFC-enabled wearable tech items can be used to unlock the padlock as well (including fobs, rings, and keycards), the need for multiple keys is eliminated. AND, a single Quicklock Padlock can store up to 50 NFC fobs/tags with rights unlock it.

Here is an interesting video of the padlock in action: