Robo3d Customer Features:Amazing Father Uses 3D Printer To Teach His Blind Daughter

Published on 16 Apr 2015
See how this amazing family uses a 3D printer to teach their adopted blind daughter about the world around her. The Walker Family is truly inspiring. Please SHARE!

That is awesome and inspiring!!


R1 Robo 3d Printer, a Preview

We were recently introduced to Robo3d and their exciting line of 3d printers.


Here are a few videos with regards to their products:

An overview of the advantages of creating your world–>

and a cool one on how to make a bow tie–>

and finally a Celtic Skull with nice electro-techno music–>

and an overview video from Rasim Muratovic–>

and one by Barnacules Nerdgasm a fellow tech nerd blogger–>