Essentials for Educators: High Functioning Autism & Asperger Syndrome

Essentials for Educators: Presented by Utah parents, teachers, professionals in the field of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), this video explains underlying differences in individuals with ASD and suggest strategies for increasing their success in the school setting.

A rather informative video on Youtube from UPDC–

What makes a good educator by the Stellar Mari Nosal!!

Mari Nosal Best Teacher
Mari Nosal Best Teacher
Mari Nosal Best Teacher

I really like this article, its references to ancient literature. I believe a community does need to work together, and support one another. They do not seem to, can not get the funding to get our autism arts foundation rolling, but it in a perfect world it is the right thing to do.
I find Mari’s writing to be very interesting, and compelling.

“To live with Apathy is to live with evil men”. Plato described the essential ingredient of human survival when he coined this powerful statement. If mankind does not function as an interdependent group, humanity as we know it would die. Humanity does not reside in a bubble. Society consists of people from different walks of life. Situations may vary amongst the human race. One commonality is shared amongst our society. That commonality is the need for assistance from fellow human beings.

Human design leaves all humans with fleeting moments of failure and despair in their lives. In order for those moments to be fleeting, and not long-term, emotional support from others is nonnegotiable. This is self – evident in the field of education. Team work and a positive educational system result in a fluid symmetry that benefits the student, parent, child, and society alike. A positive educational experience is dependent on a network of people that work cohesively as a unit. As Uri Bronfenbrenner believed, social, emotional, familial, and environmental issues are all part of the educational process.

A teacher cannot be expected to perform all of the above functions alone. A supportive team for the teacher is imperative when difficulties arise. Cohesiveness is the strongest ingredient in terms of a positive classroom climate. Teachers, educators, administrators, and the community must work together for a mutual goal. That goal is the successful assimilation of children into our society; the end result is children who are empowered with the skill set needed to be future productive adult members of society. As educators, one gets one opportunity to assist children in developing to their fullest capacity. Children are not commodities. If mistakes are made, they are irreparable. The deleterious out come will be a child who carries negative self efficacy into adulthood.

Educators have the monumental responsibility of mapping the successful or negative outcome of a child’s life. It is an awesome responsibility. Fluid symmetry between all people responsible for a child’s positive outcome must be supportive of each other. A teacher that lacks support will inevitably harbor feelings of futility. Futility will breed an apathetic demeanor. The end result will be a teacher who loses their zest for teaching, and a child who loses their zest for learning. My personal goal is to equip myself with the knowledge to help people within the community. I dream of a utopian world. All human beings will be assisted in gaining the tools necessary for a self productive life. Everyone in society would be equipped with the skills needed for self empowerment and positive self efficacy. The aforementioned skills are the building blocks to travel the road to success. May no one in the educational community be unsupported. May No Child Be Left Behind.

Mari Nosal M.Ed

I was on Special Needs Talk Radio, Autism As They Grow with Bobbi Sheahan!!

Autism Help USA/Technewszone
Autism Help USA/Technewszone
Autism Help USA/Technewszone

I had the opportunity to speak on Bobbi Sheahan and Amalia Starr’s Special Needs Talk Radio, Autism As They Grow’s Second to last show. I really appreciate it.

We are trying to make a difference for people with autism for quality of life, education, vocation and to help them find enjoyment in their lives, and promote inclusion as possible in schools. We are trying to do this by giving the gift of music, the arts and technology and by partnering with tech like Android, Blackberry and Apple Ipad Tablets to schools and individuals, music, and arts related organizations and people to help us get funding and reach people.

We would love to be on more shows, to gain support and make a difference.

Here is a link to the show–>

A bio on Bobbi Sheahan–>

Catch my new show, Autism As They Grow, on Special Needs Talk Radio, Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. EST!

Do people suggest that your child is different – really different? Are you wondering how to make sense of your child’s behavior (or your spouse’s – or your own)? Don’t despair; help is on the way! Bobbi Sheahan and psychologist Kathy DeOrnellas, Ph.D., offer themselves as your scouts in the field. They have valuable information to share – from the moment you realize your kid is different (“My, what a quiet baby I have!”), to the self-righteous moms on the playground, to holding your marriage together in the realm of routines, they candidly tackle autism spectrum issues such as picky eating, bedtime battles, potty training, speech delays, discipline, early intervention, sibling rivalry, and much more!

Bobbi Sheahan is the mother of four children; Grace, her second-born, has been diagnosed with autism. Her new book, What I Wish I’d Known About Raising a Child With Autism: A Mom and a Psychologist Offer Heartfelt Guidance for the First Five Years, has been published by Future Horizons, the world’s largest and most authoritative autism publisher. Bobbi says, “Dr. Kathy DeOrnellas, my co-author, knows more about autism than anyone you will ever meet. Since I can’t bring you to her office – and I would if I could – this book is my way of bringing her to you.” In Chapter 2 (entitled Autism 101), Dr. DeOrnellas brings you more than 20 years of experience, teaching, and research in the field of autism in a readable, conversational manner.

Autism is not only a challenge to a family’s emotions; it can also be a financial drain. Bobbi says, “With families routinely spending thousands of dollars out of pocket each year, we are here to help to point families in the direction of meaningful, affordable help.”

For her part, Bobbi pulls no punches in telling the story of her family’s road to discovering Grace’s autism. “The entire family comes along on this journey, believe me,” she says. “There is a reason that my favorite chapter heading is: Fun and Folly With Self-Diagnosis: Is Asperger’s German for Engineer?”

The book is also enriched by quotes from more than two dozen families who have been breathtakingly honest about everything, from speech delays to potty training, from doing battle with professionals who are supposed to be on your family’s side; this book is an indispensable resource for families. From reading lists to guidance about building a personal and professional support system, the authors offer a crash course to families who don’t have time to waste. The wit and humor with which the information is conveyed is a much-needed breath of fresh air for families who desperately need a break – and a friend.

Available now at Future Horizons, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and wherever books are sold!

Please listen to the show, I am on at the halfway point. Please share with people in the media.

Please help us to help others, we can not do it alone!!!

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Thank you I appreciate it.

Don’t Let the Music Stop performed by My Daughter’s Elementary School Choir May 2012, Las Vegas

I love music, and see its’ value in both the education of so called normal children and adults and those on the autism spectrum. We are started our nonprofit to help autism education via technology, music and the arts. If we can get sponsors, donors, and help, as well as exposure like on Ellen’s Show, we would help fund music in schools especially those that can not afford it themselves, we would also encourage inclusion of those with autism. That is what we are trying to, it is really simple actually.

Here is a video that my Daughter’s elementary school choice performed here in Las Vegas on the 2nd of May 2012.

Blackberry Playbook with OS 2.0-A preliminary overview

RIM, Research in Motion recently updated their Blackberry Playbook to 2.0. To say the lease I am impressed so far. I would love to test one out and do a formal review especially among the autistic education community. If you can send us one or 2 that would help us to help autistic people via technology, music, and the arts and to improve the quality of life for autistic people.

I tried out the new version of the OS at CES and was quite impressed by the improved design, and email client.

Intuitive social integration–>

Smartphone and Tablet Work Better Together on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0–>