Art Therapy for High-Functioning Autism: How to Get Started

Music Therapy
Coping with a condition such as autism is a challenge that many of us and many of our loved ones face. However, so many strategies  exist to make life easier for those of us in this camp. Many haven’t heard of it, but art therapy is one of them, and with this great new tool, you can very much help the special high-functioning autistic person in your life find an excellent therapist. Here’s what you need to know.
Check Educational Background
Art therapy is not a subject into which people merely leap. In fact, most have to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, but many go on to pursue their master’s as well. When meeting with art therapists, verify proof of their degree and ask what experiences they had in college or grad school. Many of them will have completed internships, so they have real life experience upon entering the workforce, and it’d be prudent to find out how relevant their assignment was to the situation of your friend or family member.
Working with Students
As most people know, paying for health and medical procedures is quite expensive. Not everyone can afford these extra therapists (and many have insurance plans that don’t cover this kind of treatment). However, there is a way to still enjoy these services. As mentioned above, many art therapy students are required to intern at local hospitals or other care facilities once or twice. If you cannot afford a traditional therapy program, ask your hospital or local college if interning students are allowed to offer therapy to your loved one for free or a reduced price. This does not mean that all training art therapists will be able to do so. It depends on your state, local educational institutions and more.
Parents who have high functioning autistic children might be inclined to hang around during the art therapy sessions. If the therapists request that they do, or both parties have a mutual agreement that such an arrangement is best, then they should. However, in quite a number of instances, people might tense up if a parent is nearby. A therapist might also notice that the patient is not eager to discuss certain issues with a parent present in the room. Therefore, it is often better to leave them alone – anything that you need to be aware of will be made known to you. Space is healthy – never forget this.
Don’t Diagnose
After you have observed a couple of the art therapy techniques, you might assume that you can use these methods at home. For example, you might see an art therapist explain how a drawing of a house has a particular significance in someone’s life. You go home and try to apply the same theory to another person or try to replicate this with your loved one. However, that analysis on the part of a therapist is comprised of many components. Only professionals can truly recognize these for they really are.So many treatment options exist for individuals living with autism. Art therapy is especially helpful though, because it allows patients to put together images and engage in crafts. In other words, this means they are having fun, expressing themselves and also (hopefully) healing. Those who have tried this method largely support its use, and it might be helpful to speak with some who have already tried this track.

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What makes a good educator by the Stellar Mari Nosal!!

Mari Nosal Best Teacher
Mari Nosal Best Teacher
Mari Nosal Best Teacher

I really like this article, its references to ancient literature. I believe a community does need to work together, and support one another. They do not seem to, can not get the funding to get our autism arts foundation rolling, but it in a perfect world it is the right thing to do.
I find Mari’s writing to be very interesting, and compelling.

“To live with Apathy is to live with evil men”. Plato described the essential ingredient of human survival when he coined this powerful statement. If mankind does not function as an interdependent group, humanity as we know it would die. Humanity does not reside in a bubble. Society consists of people from different walks of life. Situations may vary amongst the human race. One commonality is shared amongst our society. That commonality is the need for assistance from fellow human beings.

Human design leaves all humans with fleeting moments of failure and despair in their lives. In order for those moments to be fleeting, and not long-term, emotional support from others is nonnegotiable. This is self – evident in the field of education. Team work and a positive educational system result in a fluid symmetry that benefits the student, parent, child, and society alike. A positive educational experience is dependent on a network of people that work cohesively as a unit. As Uri Bronfenbrenner believed, social, emotional, familial, and environmental issues are all part of the educational process.

A teacher cannot be expected to perform all of the above functions alone. A supportive team for the teacher is imperative when difficulties arise. Cohesiveness is the strongest ingredient in terms of a positive classroom climate. Teachers, educators, administrators, and the community must work together for a mutual goal. That goal is the successful assimilation of children into our society; the end result is children who are empowered with the skill set needed to be future productive adult members of society. As educators, one gets one opportunity to assist children in developing to their fullest capacity. Children are not commodities. If mistakes are made, they are irreparable. The deleterious out come will be a child who carries negative self efficacy into adulthood.

Educators have the monumental responsibility of mapping the successful or negative outcome of a child’s life. It is an awesome responsibility. Fluid symmetry between all people responsible for a child’s positive outcome must be supportive of each other. A teacher that lacks support will inevitably harbor feelings of futility. Futility will breed an apathetic demeanor. The end result will be a teacher who loses their zest for teaching, and a child who loses their zest for learning. My personal goal is to equip myself with the knowledge to help people within the community. I dream of a utopian world. All human beings will be assisted in gaining the tools necessary for a self productive life. Everyone in society would be equipped with the skills needed for self empowerment and positive self efficacy. The aforementioned skills are the building blocks to travel the road to success. May no one in the educational community be unsupported. May No Child Be Left Behind.

Mari Nosal M.Ed

Child of the Universe, by My Daughter’s Elementary School Choir May 2012

Being on the autism spectrum as my 3 kids also are I can relate to this song. It speaks to us all.

It was performed by daughter’s elementary school, Ries in Las Vegas.

We appreciate the hard work put forth by her Music Teacher.

Don’t Let the Music Stop performed by My Daughter’s Elementary School Choir May 2012, Las Vegas

I love music, and see its’ value in both the education of so called normal children and adults and those on the autism spectrum. We are started our nonprofit to help autism education via technology, music and the arts. If we can get sponsors, donors, and help, as well as exposure like on Ellen’s Show, we would help fund music in schools especially those that can not afford it themselves, we would also encourage inclusion of those with autism. That is what we are trying to, it is really simple actually.

Here is a video that my Daughter’s elementary school choice performed here in Las Vegas on the 2nd of May 2012.

Great Job James Durbin, on Idol last night, as fellow aspies we love ya, have so for over a year!!!

We followed James Durbin last year on American idol, promoted him like crazy on our website.

He did a great job on American Idol last nigh 4/12/12.

We wish he would help us as well with exposure maybe sponsor us.

Our mission is to help autistic people with their quality of life via music, the arts and technology.

Congratulations on your wedding as well. I have been married for 19 years, wish you the best of luck!!!!

A video from his website–>

and his lyric video as well.

Tag your it, please share our youtube videos as well–>

Some details on James’s tour–>

I really love your song, you have done a great job!!!

Gotta Love American Idol’s Commercials these ones for Ford, are nice American Idol 2012

Ford Commercial
Ford Commercial
American Idol 2012

We love music and want to help autism via technology, music and the arts. We also like American Idol.

This is one of the better videos that the idol folks have done recently:

and another that is unique interesting.

We wish that one of these organizations would help our nonprofit and news site get exposure, maybe do a video for us or talk about us on the air or sponsor our efforts.

American idol 2012 Best male performer Joshua Ledet

Ford Commercial
Jessica Sanchez
American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez

We are an autism nonprofit that wants to help via technology, music and the arts. We are fans of Jessica Sanchez, who is in our opinion the best female performer, we are also impressed by Joshua Ledet who is the best male performer!!

Here is a video from You Tube of Joshua Ledet Singing, he is very good!!

If you can help us with exposure or to find sponsors as well, we would appreciate it greatly!!!

American Idol 2012, We really like Jessica Sanchez’s recent performances

Ford Commercial
Jessica Sanchez
American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez

Our autism nonprofit’s focus is using technology, music and the arts to improve the lives of autistic people, we love music.
We really love music, and feel that is a huge benefit to people on the autism spectrum in educational and in a therapeutic manner.

We reached out to James Durbin who we followed heavily last year, and who is also autistic like us, but we did not get much support. We though that since we are autistic and he is autistic and we are focused on music and so is he, he would have been a huge help for us to find sponsors and exposure.

We are still fans.

This year we are impressed by Jessica Sanchez’s performances!!

and her duet with Joshua!!

Good Luck to Jessica!!

If you can help us with exposure to help autism that would be great as well!!!