American Idol 2012 Who is going to win, Jessica or Phillip Phillips?

The final 2 American Idol 2012

I really like music and American Idol. This year the talent was better than in previous years. The final 2 are both really excellent. I am leaning towards Jessica, but Phillip is great as well. I was surprised that Joshua was not in the top 2.
I wish them good luck.

The final 2 American Idol 2012
The final 2 American Idol 2012

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Here are their most recent videos–>

The amazing Jessica–>


American Idol 2012 Top 4 Perform, we support Joshua and Jessica!!!


As an autism nonprofit focused on helping people with autism via technology, music and the arts for quality of life and education, I love the talent on this year’s American Idol 2012. I especially like Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet. I will be surprised if they are not the final 2.

Here is a video of the final 4 from American Idol–>

Joshua Ledet a bit about him–>

And A nice video of Jessica Sanchez–>

Good luck to both of you.

The Amazing Skylar Laine American Idol 2012 went home 5-3-2012

It was sad to see Skylar Laine go home on American Idol. She was quite talented. I think that she and Jessica are the 2 best female singers this season, along with Elise.

Here is a video of her and Colton as well, another star who should have gone further on the show.

I do not know what people are thinking this year, and can not agree with their choices.

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Good Luck to Jessica Sanchez the best female performer 2012 on American Idol

Our autism nonprofit loves technology, music, and the arts. We are trying to help autism via tech, music and the arts. We need sponsors and exposure to make a difference. Please help if you can!!

We are really impressed with Jessica Sanchez, good luck to you!!!

here is her second song which was also quite excellent!!!

Colton Dixon on American Idol Goes Home, we wish you great success!!!

Our nonprofit’s intent is to help autism via technology, music and the arts.

We are seeking a concert for us to raise funds to help people with autism. If you are a musician or have a tv talk show or radio show and can help us get exposure please let us know.

We really liked Colton Dixon on Idol one of the better guys, we wish him luck and much success in the future!!!

and his second performance–>

Gotta Love American Idol’s Commercials these ones for Ford, are nice American Idol 2012

Ford Commercial
Ford Commercial
American Idol 2012

We love music and want to help autism via technology, music and the arts. We also like American Idol.

This is one of the better videos that the idol folks have done recently:

and another that is unique interesting.

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American idol 2012 Best male performer Joshua Ledet

Ford Commercial
Jessica Sanchez
American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez

We are an autism nonprofit that wants to help via technology, music and the arts. We are fans of Jessica Sanchez, who is in our opinion the best female performer, we are also impressed by Joshua Ledet who is the best male performer!!

Here is a video from You Tube of Joshua Ledet Singing, he is very good!!

If you can help us with exposure or to find sponsors as well, we would appreciate it greatly!!!

American Idol 2012, We really like Jessica Sanchez’s recent performances

Ford Commercial
Jessica Sanchez
American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez

Our autism nonprofit’s focus is using technology, music and the arts to improve the lives of autistic people, we love music.
We really love music, and feel that is a huge benefit to people on the autism spectrum in educational and in a therapeutic manner.

We reached out to James Durbin who we followed heavily last year, and who is also autistic like us, but we did not get much support. We though that since we are autistic and he is autistic and we are focused on music and so is he, he would have been a huge help for us to find sponsors and exposure.

We are still fans.

This year we are impressed by Jessica Sanchez’s performances!!

and her duet with Joshua!!

Good Luck to Jessica!!

If you can help us with exposure to help autism that would be great as well!!!