Help us to become makers for autism, donate for a 3d printer and supplies.

We are trying to use technology like 3d printers to become makers for autism!

We are trying to raise the money to buy a 3d printer or 2 and supplies.

Our plan is to the use the printer for autism educational projects and fundraising events.

We are also trying to become a non-profit foundation for tech and the arts too!

Please help us get the funds to make a difference!




Dr. Joe Scarborough Has Some Important Misinformation About Autism

Dr. Joe Scarborough Has Some Important Misinformation About Autism (via Liberaland)

MSNBC continues to allow Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough to lead a campaign of lies and misinformation about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) and mass murderers like UCSB shooter Elliot Rodger. On Wednesday morning, Scarborough and company continued…

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Colton Dixon on American Idol Goes Home, we wish you great success!!!

Our nonprofit’s intent is to help autism via technology, music and the arts.

We are seeking a concert for us to raise funds to help people with autism. If you are a musician or have a tv talk show or radio show and can help us get exposure please let us know.

We really liked Colton Dixon on Idol one of the better guys, we wish him luck and much success in the future!!!

and his second performance–>