Preview our Autism Fairy Tale-Francesco the Autistic Puppet.

I am collaborating with a friend, David Grant, an author on a fairy tale involving an autistic character.
It has a positive message, and shows that people or characters with special needs can do great things.

Check out the book here--Francesco

Here is a link to the first book in the series a prequel to the book involving Francesco the Autistic Puppet:

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Dw. Grants Novel Bellarina

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I have a preview the next book about an autistic puppet character who winds up doing great things a chapter per week starting soon.


Please buy both books, Bellarina now, and Francesco later when it is published to help us to help autism, plus the books are excellent and worth reading.


Here is a Brief summary Francesco the Autistic Puppet and info from the cover of the new Book:


Geppetto’s Autistic Puppet


By DW Grant

For Dave B.,

and the great big smile that comes up from his very large heart.

A summary of the second Chapter of the Book!
In a deep green valley in the Alps, between the Two Great Mountains, an old
toymaker searches the forest for the perfect piece of wood that may contain his
next toy. When he walks in the door of his shop with a twisted, knotted, and
impossible to carve old tree branch, his finished toys shake their heads. What
could crazy old Geppetto be thinking?
The old man knows exactly what he is thinking. He is thinking with his heart again,
this time about the sadness of his village. They need his creative skills, so the
wood he looks for must bottle up the magic in this next puppet and it must be
strong, and made from the most solid tree. Then he will attack the impossible
with his knife and chisel and create a miracle for those he loves.
Not long ago his valley was happy and joyful, and, like the smoke from their
chimneys, a song rose from every house. Farmers sang in the fields, and every
village shop was full of creative play and joy. Candles were made with waxy love,
cakes were frosted with sweet humor, and even their cheeses filled mouths with
a witty sharpness. The joy of caring for farm, family, and each other made each
day a holiday, at least before The Great War broke out.
The madness of The Great War stole the villager’s sons, and singers, killed the
song in their lives, and left their souls angry and bitter. A dark cloud rose from
devastated hearts instead of song. It hung like a heavy winter coat over each
person, making each once joyous service a task, and a burdensome duty.
Geppetto suffered a loss too, so he not only saw it, but felt it as much as any of
his neighbors. Pinocchio was gone too, and it grieved him to the deepest parts of
his heart.
Remember, Pinocchio became a real boy, but he also grew into a real man, and as
real men must sometimes do, marched off to a Great War with other sons, but
had not returned. Like the other fathers around him the old toymaker was proud,
but broken hearted. Was his son dead and gone forever? He was not sure, and his
prayers attacked Heaven often for the answer.
Good King Festweiller knew how his subjects were feeling too, for the halls of his
castle were cold and damp from the grief he was feeling for his own two sons. But
being a good and wise King, Festweiller cared beyond his own heart for the lives of his people, and he decided to create some magic of his own. One dark morning
he sent his messengers out to the villages with a proclamation and an invitation.
The members of his guard that were too old to march off to war visited each
village, and declared his solution.

Stay Tune for more previews from Francesco the Autistic Puppet coming soon!

Here is a link to checkout and purchase the first book in the series a prequel to the book involving Francesco the Autistic Puppet:

link to–>Bellarina!

Dw. Grants Novel Bellarina

link to–>Bellarina!