Product Feature 1/17/2013 GIGAFLASH Unique and Custom USB Drives

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According to GIGAFLASH–>

Do you want to enhance your corporate image and the popularity of your brand name?

At the digital era, information is flooding and we only can read the information selectively. How can
we attract our target to read your message specifically? It is our aims to provide the solution.

We always focus on developing custom made USB flash drive. All of our USB flash drive is custom made with specific shape or printing. When this USB flash drive is arrived your target hand, your target can get your company image or your message at the 1st sight. This 1st image will give a deep impression to your target and enhance your corporate image. Additionally, some information can be pre-stored inside the USB flash drive. It is a new way to distribute your advertising material to replace printed material. It is cost effectively and environmental friendly. If you think that it is not enough, we also can use power from mobile internet to level up your advertisement, the promotion power will be increase extraordinary.

Boost your company popularity, enhance corporate image and save the environment will be always our goal. Let’s “Image

I recently ran into GIGAFLASH at CES 2013. They manufacture and design unique and interesting flash drives.

I found them to be quite intriguing and a great promotional product potentially.

I contacted them as was sent an 8gb spark plug thumb drive. I found it to be well crafted, and it attracted quite a bit of attention as well.

If you ever need a unique and interesting thumb drive for a gift or for marketing, these products are definitely worth considering for their fine and uniquely designed products.

They can be located at –> <---

Here are some images of the spark plug shaped product that I had the opportunity to test and evaluate. It would be a great product to sell in an auto parts store or a big box retailer.

Product Image -->

giga spark plug

Packaging Image #1–>

Packaging Gigaflash

Packaging #2–>


Packaging #3–>

Spark Plug Thumb Opened to use as a thumb drive–>

Product  Unscrewed

Spark Plug Thumb Opened to use as a thumb drive another view–>

They are new to the market but offer very nice products. I hope for the best for them and their excellent products.

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