A cool gift for Dad’s or others that Hike or Climb-STREP Static Rope Edge Protector Chafe Pro!


Constructed using the same proprietary nylon weave that is used in Chafe-Pro®’s Commercial Series, the STREP® system is designed to withstand sharp angles and abrasive surfaces and protect the static line contained within.

Protect static lines from chafing on:

  • Sharp edges
  • Rough surfaces
  • Angled surfaces

THE APPLICATIONSThe STREP® system is being used in many applications all across the world, both in recreational or commercial manners. Here’s just a few places to use the best anti-abrasion material around:

  • Window washing
  • High-rise maintenance
  • Rock climbers
  • Rappelling

We received one of these cool tools to test and review. If your dad ‘s are into hiking, work high on buildings or are in law enforcement, fire protection or search and rescue then this would be a cool gift!