An anthem for Autism from Youtube by BJ McKelvie and he talks about autism as well.

This one sums it up, even though I am high functioning it speaks to the feeling of being lost, confused that many feel!!

This one is nice too from BJ McKelvie!!

My Guide- A Poem to Remind educators believe in your students and they will believe in themselves by Mari Nosal

Mari Nosal A Poem

This is a fine poem and statement that educator’s, parents, bosses need to show confidence and faith in their students, children etc, and that will inspire confidence in them. I am a parent, and president of a small nonprofit trying to help people with autism, and education via tech, music and the arts. I love it.

Oh teachers listen closely

For this you need to know

My future rests right in your palm

I need you as I grow

My destiny is yours to shape

By words you choose to use

Encourage me, tell me I’m great

Your power do not abuse

Believe in me and I will shine

I will not let you down

Give up on me and let me fail

My choice will be to drown

Please teach me all you know my friend

Do not give up and leave

And I will thrive because I knew

In me you did believe

I have the talent to succeed

But sometimes feel lost

Please help me so I find my way

No matter what the cost

Don’t leave me on the tough days

I need to know you’ll stay

For you help me to grow and learn

And assure me i’m o.k.

Support me, guide me, and teach me

My fate is up to you

For with your words I’ll fail or win

It is up to you you’ll see

Please don’t leave nor write me off

I am worthy of your time

I promise I’ll not fail you

To give up would be a crime

My future is up to you you’ll see

In you I do believe

I will succeed and fulfill my dreams

If you walk with me

In order for me to succeed

I can not walk alone

Don’t give up on me and walk away

My emotions will turn to stone

Teachers listen closely

I need your help today

Help now and I promise

I will make you proud one day