A poem of thanks to teachers by Mari Nosal from Enabled Kids Canada

Mari Nosal
Mari Nosal
Mari Nosal


One day I met a teacher

My mentor than my friend

She has been there through the tough times

My gratitude I send

No matter what my challenge

She never walks away

She taught me all the skills Indeed

And this I have to say

Thank you for your wisdom

Your spunk and humor too

You helped me be the best I can

Thanks for being you

My goals and dreams are being met

One soul helped this come true

One person took the time to guide

That person my friend is you

You are an inspiration

Your talents you do share

Your help, your guidance, humor, wit

Made school much easier to bear

Now as I forge forward

And apply what you have taught

I venture on so well prepared

Your love of life I’ve caught

My path is just beginning

I will falter along the way

I will stumble, fall, and want to run

But this I have to say

My quest for knowledge continues

Fears and apprehension do abound

I know this challenge I can take

Because I had you around

You made me believe I have a chance

To achieve what I aspire

That I can lead in my career

In me you lit a fire

Thank you mentor, teacher, friend

For giving me my start

You went beyond your job description

You live inside my heart.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Autism Awareness, Our Ireport on CNN

autism advocacy and technology news zone
autism advocacy and technology news zone
help us to help autism


By David Joseph Berkowitz

As an individual with high functioning Asperger syndrome, a kind of autism, and the father of three kids who are also on the spectrum for this disorder, I have always felt a need to make a difference for the people with autism. I dream of establishing a national organization like the American Heart Association or American Cancer Society to make living on the spectrum better for those with autism related disorders. Utilizing my knowledge and passion for technology with my personal experience and interest in autism, I launched our site, on January 11, 2011 .

We are a tech-focused state nonprofit. As we get funded we intend to help those on the autism spectrum by using technology-tablets and related computer technology plus the gift of music and the arts, to make the lives of people with autism better, and to support their families and the educational facilities that serve them.

We have a unique approach, view point and ideas.

Our Plan:

Our intent is to give the gift of technology through donated tablets and along with proper training to children and young adults with autism, their families, and the educational programs and schools that could make use of them. We also plan to fund applications to use with the technology.

Tablets are a very kinesthetic device which seems to make learning easier for many people with autism. Tablets like Apple iPads aid in education and improve the level of involvement in many aspects of their lives. However, a decent tablet runs $400-$800 which is very expensive for most families of people with autism.

Our second intent is to give the gift of music and the arts. Schools are very short on funding especially for the arts and music. Most parents of kids with autism cannot afford instruments, band trips, choir events and other arts materials. We want to help.

We will donate musical instruments to people with autism and education to improve quality of life. In addition, we will give the resources to provide help to theatre programs in both private and in public schools, as well as other arts that accept people with autism in their programs. We strive to promote inclusion and acceptance.

In order to further the quality of life for people with autism we want to expose them to cultural events. We will donate tickets, to musical events, theater, and other arts to enrich their lives.

I feel that many people with autism are talented in the arts and music. Even if not talented in the arts, I feel they can definitely benefit from the exposure to arts, music and technology.

A version of this article was originally published on The Autism Spot, an excellent resource for autism related topics.


Please help us help others for the holidays!!

We need your help to donate of tech, music and the arts for the upcoming holidays. We want to give tablets to people with autism, as well as gift cards and tickets to concerts to make their holidays happier. Please go to our website now and make a donation today to help us make a difference for people with autism and their families. Even a $ 5.00 gift card or a donation on our website will make a huge difference in the quality of life for people on the autism spectrum.

We are also seeking corporate sponsors who can help us in 2012 as well.

In addition we need media exposure so please put a link to this article on your website as well.

I am smart, different, and am going about it on my own; I am not rich and need support so that I can help other people with autism. If you are interested in helping our organization, Autism Advocacy and Technology News Zone, Please do not hesitate to contact me.

David Berkowitz, President and Executive Director

Autism Advocacy andTechnology News Zone, Inc. A Nevada Nonprofit Corporation


I met the Amazing Jennifer McIlwee Myers at a Future Horizons Event in Las vegas

Jennifer Mcilwee Myers
Jennifer Mcilwee Myers
Jennifer Mcilwee Myers

I attended an Autism Conference recently and met Jennifer McIlwee Myers. I had the opportunity to hear about her experiences with Aspergers Syndrome. In many ways I can totally relate. I am on the spectrum as well. I am kind of a brainiac, was always ahead of my peers in taking tests, doing assignments in school. I was always behind them socially and athletically. It was good to hear her and Dr. Temple Grandin speak, it sheds light on some of my experiences in life. I have never really had any friends other than my wife. Neither of my brother’s in Law ever doing anything with me. I can not really connect with others very well. I get it, what is like to be on the autism spectrum.

A link to Jennifer McIlwee’s Facebook Page–> link!!

Here is an overview from the Autism Resource Center of Florida–>link

It was originally published on the autism digest–>link

Here is a link to Jennifer’s book on Future Horizon’s Website–>http://store.fhautism.com/p-765-how-to-teach-life-skills-to-kids-with-autism-or-aspergers.aspx

I was impressed by the book, and the speech which she gave with regards to the book as well.

Here is a brief overview from Future Horizons with Regards to Jennifer McIlwee Myers–>

Jennifer McIlwee Myers (that middle name is pronounced “Mac-uhl-wee”) was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in mid-2002 and has since spent much time and energy on absorbing and disseminating information about AS and other autism spectrum disorders. Her interest in researching these topics is driven not only by her own AS but also by her brother’s diagnosis of autism. Jennifer currently lives in sunny Southern California with her husband Gary.