Please Help us give the gift of the arts 4 autism!

Please help us to improve the lives of people with autism and give the gift of technology, music and the arts!!

We are trying to get our 501c3, and give the gift of technology, music and the arts as well as do a movie on life with autism to benefit families of autistic and special needs people to improve their quality of life as well. I am doing this since I am asperger’s and my 3 kids are as well. We have a vested interest in improving the lives of people with autism. I feel that by providing access to the proper technology, and giving the gift of music and the arts will improve the quality of life for many people. Our long term goal is to create a music, tech and arts training center for people with autism, where they can create, display and sell their art as well. We also trying to do a documentary for autism as well, bullying, making friends, and the trials and tribulations of being different.