The interesting and innovative Mocaheart Device by Mocacare!

We recently received a Mocaheart from Mocacare.

It is  an all-in-one smart heart tracker
that measures heart rate, blood oxygen,
and blood flow with a quick scan of your thumbs.

About Mocacare:

Here at MOCACARE, we’re driven by a vision to combine health, technology, design, and comfort. Our goal is simple – to make caring for health an easy, intuitive, and reliable experience.

Established in 2013, MOCACARE is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and has an engineering center in Taipei, Taiwan. With our international team of scientists, engineers, designers, physicians, and business leaders from Stanford University, California College of the Arts, and UCSF, we’re empowering people to care for their health every day.

MOCAheart was born from an urging need. We noticed that beyond finding an easier way to take care of their health, our loved ones also wanted a better way to care for each other. Using personal life experiences, human-centered design principles, and the latest heart health technology, we’ve created a health companion that enhances the connection between you, your health, and your loved ones.

Our impressions:


There a variety of heart monitoring applications available for Android and IOS.

We found the Mocaheart device to be above the crowd in it’s ease of use, the quality of and utility of the application.

It worked well, and was easy to use.


The device was really easy to set up on the Iphone and from my understanding it is just as easy on Android devices.

The Mocaheart came with the batteries installed that were needed to operate it. To get it ready all one has to do is turn it on, pair to you devices bluetooth, and download the free application. It worked right out of the box the first time and every time We used it.

Why Use it!

According to the news and television and various other news media as well as my doctor, the threat of heart disease is on the rise world wide.

It is wise to keep track of your own health, especially heart health. The Mocaheart allows you to monitor and gauge your level of heart health on a regular basis.

With the Apple Iphone the Mocaheart device integrates with the health application present in IOS, as well as being able to be used with its own application.

The application as seen above is clear and easy to read, and understand. It allows you to use the Mocaheart and know your level of heart health, though it is recommended to see your doctor on a regular basis as well.


We were rather impressed by the device, its’ design, and its’ operation, ease of use and the application as well.

If you would like to get one of these cool wee devices you can check one out on Amazon!

In the Media

“The Future just happened” – Boehringer Ingelheim
For a product that started on Kickstarter

We would definitely recommend the Mocaheart for anyone that wants to track their heart health, in a nice easy, portable device!

Here is a nice overview video from youtube: