Monster Illuminessence Color Changing Mood Lighting!





Perfect for Parties, Holidays or Just Everyday Mood Lighting, Totally Modular,

 Affordable “Monster Illuminessence” Kit Delivers the Look and Quality of 

Professional LED Lighting that’s easy to use and works right out of the box.

Brisbane, CA, December 21, 2018Monster®, the world leader in premium headphones, speakers and power accessories, today announced the debut of a bright new product category with Monster Illuminessence, an easy-to-use color-changing LED Lighting System that makes the fun and excitement of professional quality LED lighting significantly more affordable than ever before. Ideal for parties, holiday decorating or just everyday lighting fun, Monster Illuminessence lets you create instant mood and ambience, without the hassle of complicated devices and software set-up. Notable, because it uses a simple RF touch remote system that works right of the box. Monster Illuminessence is available today at Wal-Mart. For more information visit

Monster Illuminessence is easier to setup and use than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi products on the market. The new Monster Illuminessence line includes kits for large rooms, small rooms, light strips, bulbs, and longer power extension kits.

“Illuminessence is the start of a great thing for Monster,” noted Head Monster Noel Lee. “Lighting is a critical element for creating the perfect ambience for any situation. Imagine concerts or dance clubs without special lighting or Halloween “spookfests” without orange and black lighting. In an instant, almost like magic, great lighting creates a whole new atmosphere and ambience. Monster Illuminessence gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy a stunning, professional quality LED light experience without the complicated set-up or the budget-killing price.”

Kevin Lee, Monster’s COO, added “Monster has always been about improving the music experience through better sound.  And now we’re excited about making ambient mood lighting control affordable and simple to use for everyone for a better music experience.”

Simple Monster Illuminessence Multitouch Remote Controls It All!

With Monster Illuminessence, the simple multitouch RF remote control puts all the color-changing lighting power in the palm of your hand, allowing you splash light and color all over your home in an instant, turn the lights on and off, or even dim them all at once for a special effect. You can also select preset programmed modes like “Sunset” or “Lounge” for relaxation, of “Club” for parties – and the lights change automatically to set the mood. Special modes for holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and even the 4th of July help you celebrate in bright style! Additionally, users can opt for a pure “White” which delivers bright white light for everyday use.

Modular System Lets You Choose Perfect Size Kit for Any Room

 With Monster Illuminessence, LED lighting is easy to install and easy to use, allowing versatile, fun and useful lighting at the touch of a button. And because the system is completely modular, you can choose exactly the kit that best fits your room size. Each kit includes a different combination of LED color-changing bulbs and LED strips to suit your needs. Simply screw in the bulb to any light fixture, remove the adhesive on the LED strip and stick it below your bed, bar, kitchen cabinetry, or anywhere you want to add instant mood and ambience. Best of all, it’s easy to expand lights and rooms with additional Monster Illuminessence kits. You can pair up to four Illuminessence remotes with up to 30 different LED bulbs or strips in each group for the right light throughout your home.

Mood Lighting Kit Large

  • 1x Multicolor RF remote control ​
  • 2x Multicolor/White LED dimmable bulbs ​
  • 2x 6.5ft extra bright multicolour/white dimmable 60-LED strips​

 Mood Lighting Kit Small 

  • 1x Multicolor RF remote control ​
  • 1x Multicolor/White LED dimmable bulbs ​
  • 1x 6.5ft extra bright multicolor/white dimmable 60-LED strips​

Mood Lightstrip 3-Pack

  • 1x Multicolor RF remote control ​
  • 2x 6.5ft extra bright multicolor/white dimmable 60-LED strips​

Mood Lightstrip XL

  • 1x Multicolor RF remote control 
  • 1x 16.4ft extra bright multicolor/white dimmable 150-LED strips

Extension Cable and Charger 

  • 10ft 5V USB extension power cable​
  • Power adapter with USB plug (not for sale internationally)​

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About Monster:

Celebrating its 40th Anniversary, Monster® has been a catalyst for innovation and big ideas. After discovering that cables in hi-fi systems influenced the sound, Head Monster Noel Lee developed Monster Cable, which became an immediate hit with music lovers. Monster® went on to engineer the sound of Beats® headphones, and has now become the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance headphones, all featuring Pure Monster Sound™ technology.  Today, the company offers advanced connectivity solutions for professional musicians, home entertainment, computing, mobile and gaming, as well as high performance AC Power and conditioning products. Monster® continues to lead in innovation, with over 500 Patents granted and 100 patents pending worldwide, offering more than 5,000 products in over 160 countries. Monster® also prides itself in helping those who are in less-than-fortunate circumstances through Monster Cares. Above all, Monster® does what it does Because the Music Matters. 

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We recently received samples of their new lighting, did some testing in different environments and are quite impressed by the quality and ease of use of the new lighting products created by Monster. I was first exposed to Monster products when I worked at Circuit City in Car Audio in the late 1980’s..they certainly have come along way and have done quite well for themselves!