Cool 3d Printer on Kickstarter Worth Backing–>Big Bot!

I noticed this kickstarter project yesterday. We are huge fans of 3d printing and are trying to use it to help stem education and autism too. We are huge advocates for 3d printing and really love it. Please check out this project and back it if you can!

One of our missions is to help get new products to market that we find to be exciting and appear to be solid viable entrants to the market.
We are really impressed by this new, exciting 3d printer and like that it can print really large objects. We also like that the based does not move, just the print head. This is alot like a delta printer which we are also fans of. The fact that the object does not move as much would help it print smoother and in better quality as well.

Here is a cool video on you tube as well–>

The skinny on specifications:
BigBot printers are premium 3D printers, tailored specifically for larger 3D printed parts:

Dual extruder options allow for multiple colors or materials.
E3D V6 Volcano-style hot ends allow a wide range of filaments to be printed with interchangeable nozzle diameters.
Large diameter nozzles are available to enable larger prints to print faster, while smaller nozzles are available for highly detailed prints.
LCD control with SD card reader enables printing without a USB connection and control from a computer (but can still be controlled by computer via USB).
High voltage motor and extruder power enable fast travel despite the larger build platform.
High power heated build plate brings the larger bed to 95C, enabling optimal bed adhesion.
Replacement parts are standardized, and readily available.
Open source firmware and hardware allow customization to suit specific needs.
Open work space allow for easy access to work for easy part removal and cleanup.
Durable ball bearings and hardened chromed steel rods ensure long term durability.
Filament feeds with minimal effort and high reliability while accommodating almost all filament spool sizes.
3mm thick aluminum build platform is significantly more durable than glass build plates and distribute heat well.
Project status: ready to supply production kits.
These printer kits are ready to be made and shipped to backers! Our BigBot printer kits have been fully tested and component supply has been validated for cost, quality, and demand. A successful kickstarter campaign enables bulk material ordering for affordable, large format 3D printer kits.

With successful funding, in addition to our kits we will supply users with:

High quality build instructions
30 day warranty against defective items
Large print instructional(s)
Open-source part models for recreating the printers
A website dedicated to BigBot printers which will include support for all hardware and software
This is in addition to the ever-growing, open source community support behind RepRap 3D prints, of which these printers are fully compatible.

We are impressed and hope these guys make it and get funded!

We are huge fans of reprap, and opensource 3d printing as well!