Livio Bluetooth Car Kit for Android by Livio Radio–a tech review from Technewszone

I ran into Livio Radio at CES 2012. I recently had the opportunity to do a test and review of their Livio Bluetooth Car Kit for Android by Livio Radio

I was very impressed by the Design. It was very easy to operate.

I live in Las Vegas, and the radio spectrum is pretty full on our radios, however once I was able to find a frequency that worked, I found that the device did a nice job with the handsfree communication with my cell phone.

One option that would enhance the experience of using the device would be a longer stalk on the part that connects to the cigarette lighter for vehicles like vans and trucks, even if it were an add on option at an additional fee that would be help full.

The setup is very easy, and the device works well. The audio quality varied greatly depending which vehicle I tested the device in.

Overall I was impressed with it’s handsfree capabilities. It worked in a decent manner when it came to the streaming of music over the radio. I liked the external input which allowed me to play music from my Android phone over my car as well as my son’s ipod.

Livio Radio in Car Hands Free and Streaming Audio
Livio Radio in Car Hands Free and Streaming Audio

Images of the device, it’s inputs, and design:

The Livio Radio Bluetooth Internet Car Kit’s controller module looks sharp. It’s made of matte black plastic, with a pleasant textured surface and a faux metal flake finish. It measures 1.9 by 3.6 by 1.1 inches (HWD) and weighs 1.6 ounces by itself, or 2.9 ounces with the gooseneck adapter attached.

Close up Livio Radio Blue Tooth Adapter
Close up Livio Radio Blue Tooth Adapter
Inputs for Livio Bluetooth adapter
Inputs for Livio Bluetooth adapter

Information about the product and company:

Livio Radio Information
We love radio. Really, it’s the driving force behind our work. Like our products
themselves, we’re a hip and laid-back bunch. No frills. No crazy features. No
cumbersome junk. We do our jobs so you don’t have to, and we find ways to
bring online audio to more people, in more places.
Thank you for your purchase and enjoy!
aBoUt RadIotIme
RadioTime is the leading radio tuner that powers Internet services and
devices by connecting them to radio broadcast DJs, talk personalities, and
sports programming. Listeners easily access free, live, local, and global radio
programming through RadioTime service. Its service enhances other products
and services by powering them with thousands of radio channels and
programming. RadioTime, founded in 2002, is based in Dallas, Texas. More
information is available at
teChnoLoGIes InsIde
1. Bluetooth hands-free (HFP): Wirelessly connects to your
mobile phone for hands-free calling.
2. Bluetooth stereo audio Receiver (A2DP): Wirelessly connects
to your mobile phone for easy music streaming.
3. fm transmitter (FM-RDS Transmit): Wirelessly transmits audio
and data (artist/title/station) information to any FM radio that can
receive RDS.
4. Line Input (AUX Input): Receives a stereo audio signal from any
connected audio player (MP3, CD, etc).
5. Line output (AUX Output): Sends a variable stereo audio
output to any car stereo equipped with a 1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo
auxiliary (AUX) input. Use with the included 3.5mm AUX cable.
6. UsB Charging: Provides 5V 1A charge that will charge most USB
chargeable devices like phones and other electronic devices.

Other reviews of the product:
PC Magazine:,3253,l%253D288112%2526a%253D288122%2526po%253D1,00.asp?p=n

Wired Magazine

To sum it up, I was pleased with the device, its quality, the functions it provides. It shined the best for its handsfree capabilities. It was easy to tune to the fm frequency. I was impressed with the call quality that it provided. It needed an option for a longer stalk for vans and trucks. Overall I found it to be an excellent product and is worth considering as an option for those that want handsfree capabilities in the vehicle as well as the fm modulation features such as for streaming and using other devices in your vehicle for those of us who do not have an auxiliary input.

Pure One Flow and their nice new streaming music service

The amazing new Pure One Flow

I recently had the opportunity to test and review the Pure One Flow. I was quite impressed by its simple design, reminds me of a radio that I had in the 1980’s. It is simple and non-obtrusive on the outside and state of the art in terms of its abilities and capabilities. I was also quite impressed by their streaming audio services as well as its’ ability to tag songs and allow you to either stream the song at a later date as well as download the mp3 from your computer. It also has a new Iphone application from the Itunes store as well. I hope that they also release an Android app for the Android Market as well.

Here is an overview from their Pure’s website–>

Here is a picture of the amazing little device–>

The amazing new Pure One Flow
Pure One Flow music streaming radio

A bit of information from the folks at Pure–>

Our most affordable portable digital, internet and FM radio, Pure’s One Flow is also one of our easiest radios to use with an intuitive interface and context-sensitive buttons.
Like all our products with Flow technology, One Flow combines digital radio and FM reception with a Wi-Fi connection, to provide you with a world of listening. Enjoy internet radio, listen again programmes, podcasts, Pure Sounds and music streaming when you’re in range of your wireless network, and digital and FM radio wherever you are.
ONE Flow features a smooth satin-touch finish, two alarms, a sleep timer and kitchen timer, an aux-in connector so you can connect your iPod or MP3 player, headphone socket and takes an optional Pure ChargePAK E1 rechargeable battery pack for complete go-anywhere listening.
Digital, FM and internet radio
Flow technology for internet radio, on-demand content including podcasts, Pure Sounds, and media streaming from a computer
FlowSongs service enables you to buy music direct from your radio
Input for iPod/MP3 player
Takes an optional ChargePAK E1 for portable listening
30 digital radio presets, 10 FM presets and unlimited internet favourites
Context-sensitive controls

Easy to use tone or radio alarm (mains power only)
Upgradable via Wi-Fi or USB
Visit the Lounge to register your radio, open a Lounge Account, find new content, organize your favourites and listen online

My wife is very low tech, does not know how to check her email, but she loved the device and found it to be pleasing the the eye and liked the ease of operation and sound quality.

My teen sons and 11 year old daughter also liked its’ customization, tagging and sound quality.

I have used it off and on for a couple of weeks, and recommend it to people that need a simple but powerful device for listening, to beautiful music on demand.

I also had the opportunity to use Pure’s Lounge online music hub. It was very easy to use, nice format and design, and simple to navigate. It reminds me a bit of some of the satellite radio services with much more customization capabilities. I found the music tagging and downloading capabilities to be quite nice too.

Here is a video overview from our friends at

Here is another nice overview video on the Pure One Flow and its’ features and advantages–>

Overall I really like the device, it belongs on most desktops and it can also replace your bedside clock radio with great sound, really nice capabilities and features. I liked the streaming audio features, as well the tagging and downloading capabilities. Due to its complex capabilities but simple design it could appeal to the baby boomers, as well as generation x’ers like me.

Being on the autism spectrum and loving music, I find that the Pur One Flow really impresses me in its simplicity but powerful ability to deliver customized music to its owner.