We recently tested this keyboard and were quite impressed by its’ design, how well it worked. It was a stroke of genius and a well needed accessory for anyone that needs a numeric keyboard for a mac with one of the small aluminum mac keyboards!

TechnologyX Calls NewerTech Numeric Keypad “Functionality at its Finest”

NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad with Apple Keyboard

We are fans if Newertech and have been impressed with them for a very long time–>

NewerTech Logo


Numeric Keypad for Bluetooth Enabled Macs, Tablets & Smartphones
Ultimate Companion to Apple Wireless Keyboard — Attaches with Included Bracket
No Tools Needed — Easily Pairs through Bluetooth

Woodstock, IL, November 19, 2014 — NewerTech, a leading performance upgrades and accessories company for Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods since 1988, announced today that the NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad has won the TechnologyX Gold Seal of Approval Award at: Designed to complement the look and feel of Apple keyboards, the NewerTech numeric keypad features precision machined aluminum housing, white or black key choices, and a bracket that attaches to the Apple keyboard – no tools needed. The NewerTech Numeric Keypad was built to rigorous standards with input from accountants to get every detail of the full-sized 28-key numeric keypad just right, including key-throw, feel, design, size, and connectivity for maximum number crunching workflow excellence.

“Truly a Remarkable Accessory” – TechnologyX

“The wireless keypad with its precision aluminum housing looks, feels and handles just like the provided Apple Wireless Keyboard, which is incredible. We have handled other numeric keypads previously at various events, but nothing even compares to the NewerTech Keypad, it actually feels like it should tag along with Apple’s Keyboard!” said Chris Jolliffe, “The NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad is truly a remarkable accessory for your new iMac or any computer for that matter. It is sleek, gorgeous and functional. Really, what more could you want? It truly is the ultimate companion to any Apple Wireless Keyboard. It’s for their ingenious design and functionality that we award NewerTech with our Gold Seal of Approval!”

The NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad works with all Bluetooth compatible computers, laptops and devices for the ultimate easy-to-pair Bluetooth workhorse that’s built to last. Bluetooth pairing is quick and reliable, reconnecting automatically when the computer or device is awakened or restarted. The NewerTech Keypad is perfect for financial professionals, including accountants and analysts, as well as students, teachers, administrators, traders, agents, videographers, programmers, salespeople, and more. The responsive full-sized keys assist with accuracy and efficiency. Use this keypad with number intensive financial programs and graphics software and apps to take advantage of shortcuts that are not as easily accessible when using the Apple wireless keyboard alone.

“We are honored to be awarded the TechnologyX Gold Seal of Approval for our Wireless Aluminum Keypad,” said Larry O’Connor, CEO, NewerTech. “We made it our mission to create a reliable wireless keypad that’s built to the highest standards and functions the way we expect numeric keypads to work and complements the wireless keyboards offered by Apple. Professionals now have a high-quality wireless keypad to enhance their number crunching workflow.”
Pricing and Availability

The NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad with white or black keys is available immediately priced at $54.95 and through OWC at:, and other major retailers. It includes the Wireless Aluminum Keypad, 2 AAA batteries, and bracket to attach to Mac keyboards. For more info, see,, Facebook:, and Twitter: @NewerTech.

About NewerTech, Inc.

NewerTech Inc., headquartered in Woodstock, Illinois, is a leading performance upgrades and accessories company for Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Dealer inquiries are welcomed at (815) 308-7001 or by e-mailing, website:

Other NewerTech’s Industry Awards Include:
•CustomerRetailer EXC!TE Award (2012)
•American Business Award “People’s Choice” Stevie® Award (2012)
•Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval
•American Business Awards “Stevie” Gold (2013) and Silver (2014)
•Handyman Club of America Seal of Approval

About TechnologyX

TechnologyX is the newest addition to Essentially Tech Media Corporation’s fold and is partnered with The SSD Review. TechnologyX is envisioned as an ‘all technology’ review expansion for The SSD Review, in response to the growing interest of manufacturers to examine their products. For more information, see


 BeBop Sensor Arm Controller small

First Thin Smart Fabric Sensors to Measure All Aspects of Physicality:
Force, Location, Size, Twist, Bend, Stretch & Motion

Patented Monolithic Fabric Sensors Let You Answer Calls from a Shirt, Predict Diabetic Events & Measure Gait through Insoles, Show Hand/Foot Location on Gym Mats, &
Track Driver Alertness in Steering Wheels

For Clothing, Shoes, & Gear for Sports, Medical, Gaming, Robotics, Aerospace, & Security
Applications Include Controllers, Measurement, Monitoring, 3D Modeling, & More 

Berkeley, CA, October 27, 2014 – BeBop Sensors, Inc., the wearable sensor technology company created by musical instrument inventor Keith McMillen and KMI, announced today their first products, BeBop Wearable Smart Fabric Sensor, the first and only ultra thin wearable smart fabric sensor that measures all aspects of physicality, including bend, location, motion, rotation, angle, & torque.  Employing BeBop’s patented proprietary Monolithic Fabric Sensor Technology, BeBop fabric sensors continuously provide real-time reporting on force, x/y location, bend, twist, size, stretch and motion for markets, including clothing and protective wear, shoes, healthcare devices, athletic equipment, automotive, robotics, aerospace, gaming, biometrics, prosthetics, recycling monitors and appliance markets. 

Smart Fabric Sensor Solutions Provide 3D Maps of Data  

Unlike other wearable sensors on the market today that only measure physiology (EKG, EMG), electrical conductivity or breathing, BeBop measures actual physicality to sense and display 3D maps of data.  Fundamental, tested, and extensible with over a million sensors already in daily use through KMI’s musical instrument products, BeBop’s Monolithic Fabric Sensors integrate sensors, traces, and electronics into a single piece of fabricto provide greater sensitivity, resolution, range of deployment, and robustness — all with a tiny size.

BeBop Elegant Smart Fabric Sensor Company for OEMs Spun Out from KMI Musical Instrument Innovator 

Created for the rapidly-growing wearable technology market, BeBop sensor technology was created after six years of developing smart fabric sensors for more expressive musical instruments, such as KMI’s popular QuNexus and QuNeo keyboards.  After being approached by numerous companies requesting KMI’s fabric sensor technology, KMI launched spin-off company BeBop Sensors to fulfill the demand.

BeBop’s variety of solutions available now for integration into new wearable products:

  • Wearable Controllers:  for sleeves of jackets or shirts to connect to smartphones to answer calls, adjust volume or select songs, all while the smartphone remains in the user’s pocket.
  • 1mm Thin Shoe Insoles:  measures gait, pressure, contact style, fit, and flexure of toes and feet.
  • Planar, spherical or cylindrical geometries:  used as pressure maps, head sensors or handles of athletic equipment.
  • Smart Yoga and Gym Mats:  show hand and foot pressure for teaching.
  • Grip Sensors:  detail finger positions for baseball, golf, etc.
  • Car Seat Sensors: senses airbag fill volume and passenger weight.
  • Car Steering Wheels:  sense driver alertness.
  • Weight Lifting Gloves:  indicate weight and even load.
  • Foot Volume Sensing:  anticipate Diabetic events.
  • Cycling Shoe Inserts: power meters.

BeBop Wearable Sensor Markets:       

  • Clothing and protective wear
  • Shoes
  • Healthcare devices
  • Athletic equipment
  • Automotive
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace
  • Security
  • Biometrics
  • Prosthetics
  • Recycling
  • Appliances

“BeBop is a natural step for KMI, where we have diligently tuned fabrics, geometries, and production processes allowing us to ship over 1 million sensors to some of the most demanding musicians in the world,” said Keith McMillen, Founder, KMI and BeBop Sensors.  “All musical instruments are essentially sensors with forms of acoustic processing attached.  The same care and creativity used to build our instruments will serve well for our non-musical customers as we expand into the wearables market.”

BeBop OEM Turnkey Offerings Now Available 

BeBop is now offering custom turnkey sensor solutions for OEMs to incorporate into their products, ranging from basic sensors to complete wireless solutions with advanced power management.  Visualization programs for any design with an easily-modified SDK (Software Developer’s Kit) allows manufacturers to create custom apps by choosing from a variety of 2D and 3D representations and colors or by driving the BeBop data into whole new applications.

“Good designs get the job done, great designs strive for an elegance and simplicity that will make the integration of wearable computing a seamless part of everyday life,” said McMillen.  When McMillen created a foot controller allowing disabled people complete control of a computer, Forbes reported: “In 1984, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs made the computer mouse mainstream. In 2010, Microsoft introduced the Kinect, allowing computer gamers to control video games by moving their bodies. And on June 21, 2011, Keith McMillen Instruments introduced a gadget that lets you use your computer with your feet.”

About BeBop Sensors 

BeBop uses smart fabrics to create elegant sensor solutions for OEMs with its patented technology.  Where things or people interact, Bebop sensors comprehend force, location, size, weight, shape and presence across any size, resolution and geometry.  BeBop technology is robust and proven with over a million sensors already in daily use.   Based in Berkeley, California, BeBop Sensors make things knowable for product designers and visionaries. See demonstrations at the BeBop Sensors website.

About Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) 

Based in Berkeley, California, Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) is a leading developer of innovative hardware and software technologies that allow musicians to interface with computers in exciting new ways with tools that add new dimensions of expression and control to their performances.  KMI believes when a computer is played as a musical instrument, it should feel and respond like one, with all the nuances and sensitivity that makes an instrument musical.  For more information, see the website:

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Press Contact:
Karen Thomas/Eva Yutani/Bill Kouwenhoven
Thomas PR Emails: ,

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BeBop Sensor Arm Controller:
BeBop Sensor Baseball Base –  Safe:
BeBop Sensor Foot Pressure:
BeBop Sensor Grip Sensor:
BeBop Sensor Skullcap Bat Hit:



A New and innovative miniature business card scanner SlimScan SS100 !!

Receipt Organization Made Easy

A totally new concept in convenience…

First Ever Credit Card Sized Portable Scanner with Receipt Management System- The perfect combination. Easy to use – Can Save You $1,000s and Many Hours.

Planon SlimScan –Credit Card Sized Scanner

The Planon SlimScan SS100 introduces a totally new concept in convenience: the first ever credit card sized portable scanner.

slim scan

slim scan

Imagine – a full featured, powerful, high resolution color scanner so small and light that it fits easily into your wallet or credit card holder, so it goes wherever you go. Crafted in classy yet durable stainless steel, SlimScan’s elegant compact design sets a new standard for professional-class portable scanners that combine unprecedented convenience and the most powerful scanning functionality available. SlimScan is the only portable scanner that puts instant scanning capabilities literally in the palm of your hand.

Scan Receipts, Contacts, Pictures, Info into separate directories in the SlimScan.

slim scan

slim scan

Then connect to computer and transfer files just like a USB memory stick.

For Business and Tax Receipts

Whether you’re a business professional, a small business owner, or need to keep track of receipts for your income tax returns, managing these receipts can be a challenge. Creating digital images ensures you never lose expense receipts and forget to be reimbursed. SlimScan makes it easy. With the SlimScan stored in your wallet you can scan the receipts anytime and don’t carry all the extra paper. You can create folders to group your scanned receipts by personal or business, business trip or client, by travel date, by location, by week or month and more. SlimScan includes Planon RMS Receipt Management System Software that lets you easily assemble them into reports to expedite expense reimbursements and tax record keeping.

For Capturing Business Contacts

SlimScan captures important contact information from business cards, even your handwritten notes on the back. The business card capture is a module already inside Planon RMS that lets you easily organize the scanned contacts by the meeting, trade show, conference or business event where you made the contact. Optical Character Reader (OCR) software will automatically convert the scanned images into editable form so you can import the contact information into Outlook, Microsoft Word or Excel spreadsheets to facilitate your follow up.

BUY NOW – Fathers Day Specials!!

Micro Fibre Case
USB Cable
Lens Brush
Windows Driver
Planon RMS-Receipt Management System SW
Quick Start Guide


For gifts to show appreciation to clients, or useful tool for corporate staff.  Great for sales people, management, promotions.  We can add value by putting your message in front of your important clients or staff each time they use the SlimScan.  Your corporate logo and message can be put on the unit, or on the LCD screen and load marketing files in memory for your customers or staff to view.  Contact us for further information.


  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Scan: 24bit Color – Jpg 2.75 inch (70mm) wide by up to 36 inches (90 cm)
  • Dimensions: 2.0 x 3.1 x 0.12 inch (50x86x3mm)
  • Memory: Onboard Memory for about 600 Images – works as memory stick
  • Battery: Re-chargeable Lithium Polymer
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Platforms: MAC OSX, Windows XP, Vista, Win7

Planon RMS- Receipt Management System Software.

We know you do not want to waste money or time in this fast paced world. Some software for receipts management are very elaborate and confusing to use. Our objective was to create a powerful, yet straight forward software that you can start using in minutes. With Planon RMS software – Receipt Management System, never miss claiming an expense for reimbursement for your company or tax return.

Just 1 non-forgotten expense could pay for your investment alone!

Also find the receipt you need for warranty claims.

Planon RMS –allows you to scan all your receipts into monthly directories, then import to software to view, OCR into expense database, edit, create Excel report for the period, and also a report containing Excel and all related expense images together to easily send by email.

Step 1: Scan Receipt

Select Directory to scan into: expense/month And then scan.

slim scan

slim scan


Step 2: Transfer into Planon RMS

Connect to Computer with USB and select receipt images to transfer to RMS and auto OCR recognizing of text to fill data fields.

slim scan

slim scan
Click the images above to enlarge

Step 3: Categorize and Edit

Select categories from the pull down menus and edit any field as desired for each receipt.

slim scan
Click the image above to enlarge

Step 4: Create Reports

At the press of a button have all the expenses of the month (or any period desired) summarized in a spreadsheet report and/or an email with report and receipt images automatically attached to send for reimbursement.

slim scan

slim scan
Click the images above to enlarge

User Testimonials

Richard: “I have tried other receipt scanners before but the SlimScan is by far the easiest to use…. It’s always where I need it – in my wallet – can’t get more convenient than that.”

Joanne: “I know that I commonly missed giving some receipts for reimbursement… I know that my $140.00 investment in the SlimScan has paid for itself already …I have only had it 3 months.”

Raja:  “software is basic and simple – just what I wanted – didn’t want something complicated and time to learn….to organize, find past expenses and make reports is fast”

David: “I have been a customer of yours for years and have your docupen scanner and printer, the Slimscan is a great invention – I have no excuse to lose any receipt again. Every time I take it out of my wallet I have to do a sales pitch for you …maybe I should get commission LOL”

Matt: “Our company gave your product (Slimscan) out as a gift at a recent corporate meeting with our dealers. …Everyone liked it….it was the talk of the event. Thanks for your help.”