BlackBerry Z10 Review

I recently had the opportunity to test and review the Blackberry Z10 and was quite impressed by it overall.BlackBerry  Z10

It offers  a decent  4.2-inch 1280 x 768 display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage. It is similar in size to the Iphone and a wee bit smaller than the Motorola Atrix HD.

I liked the user interface, especially the integration of email, and social media functions into one hub. It has decent applications available but just needs more of them.


The phone is a master of the simplicity of design, but it offers a nice level of function as well its’ form.

Compared to the iphone it is slightly larger, and feels  nice in the hand as well:


Personally I found the phone to be one which would make a nice daily driver and would work well for my life.  It could be a bit bigger, however there is now a larger device available on the market which was not available at the time of the original review.

I also liked the rubbery coating on the back of the device as well. It was great to stop it from slipping out of the hand.


The camera was nicely designed, and worked fairly well. It was decent for day to day usage. Could it be better, of course, but things could always be better when it comes to technology.


I liked the user interface, the sound quality, and the overall design and usability.

I would definitely would recommend this device to most users. The design feels nice, well  made and nicely made. There are other devices out there made of aluminum and other materials, but it really does not matter, but it is nicely designed as it is.

I like Android and IOS but I find Blackberry OS to be a refreshing alternative.


The device offers microSIM and microSD slots.

I think that the sd card will support up 32 gb, but have heard that it will also offer 64gb or larger cards as well.

The phone comes standard wiith  16GB of internal storage, which will appeal to many who have been put out by the devices that do not offer sd card expansion like the Iphone, and HTC’s One M7.

The phone also offers NFC communications, as well as Bluetooth which are quite nice features to have as far as expansion and connection to the world around us.

Besides the standard volume keys, the device also offers a third button to do voice control and play and stop music too.

Overall I was impressed by the phone, and it could work quite well for  most users.