Life with Aspergers a view of Emotions

In my experience having Asperger’s is like being a tourist rather than a resident. I have played sports, been involved in band, never had any real friends other than my wife.

I have never really felt the so called adrenalin rush that people day they feel. I have heard don’t think, do? In my case I always think and analyze.

I have always worked in sales, but I would have been a good scientist. I am always thinking, pondering, second guessing.

Academics at School were really easy, but I was clueless socially.

I love my family but am not overly emotional. I really do not like contact or people in my space.

I dislike eye contact it makes me really uneasy and nervous.

I like people and have always wanted to make a difference for the world.

I am very sarcastic, love science fiction, and technology, do not really get television.

In terms of emotion, I am often board, depressed, and occasionally happy. It is as if my emotions are muted.

I am always board, often tired.

I can read a 400+ page book in a couple of hours without hardly trying as long as it is interesting.

I watch sports and am trying to get interested in it but am easily board.

I like video games, but most I find that I get bored by quite quickly.

I hardly ever really get upset but when I do it is usually a major melt down and cry session.

I have had a few major fears in my life dogs, and drowning, and choking on stringy foods like in celery.

Please let me know your thoughts as far as your experiences with autism.

Vantage Point is offering some nice Ipad Mounting Solutions.

I recently saw vantage point’s products at CES 2011. I was very impressed by quality and design of their products. Today I received an email from them:

iPad Alloy
The iPad Alloy mounts and stands are built from rugged steel and aluminum with unmatched quality and style. The Alloy mount line consists of six distinct products covering functionality like iPad to VESA® 100mm mounting adaptation, a variety of wall mounting solutions, and a super stable table top stand. Great for commercial and residential applications where the iPad is serving a dedicated function and does not need to be easily removed. With the simple addition of any standard laptop lock, any Alloy product can secure your iPad and keep it from wandering off!

iPad Slide
The Slide line features a proprietary mounting interface molded into the back of a polycarbonate iPad holder that allows you to simply slide your iPad off its mount or stand when you are on the go or just need to move it from one location to another. Unlike stands that simply cradle your iPad the Slide line securely holds your iPad so that it can be supported on a mount or stand, through a full range of tilt, pan, and rotation. The iPad Slide solutions are great for home, work, RV & Marine applications, and more.

Here is a link to their site–>

According to the Cavalier from the University of VA, the DOD is funding an Asperger’s driving study.

According to my wife, my driving is not very good. It is a good thing that they are not studying my driving….

University researchers have received a $100,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to fund studies that evaluate the driving skills of teens with autism spectrum disorders, mainly Asperger’s syndrome and high-functioning autism. The co-investigators of the study, Medicine Prof. Daniel Cox and Education Prof. Ron Reeve, who is also a licensed clinical and school psychologist, hope to teach students with these disorders how to drive effectively with the use of a virtual reality simulator.

Here is a link to the zone of the story—>

All Things Digital Announces Ipad 2 will Launch on March 2

According to Kara Swisher, a new ipad may be announced very soon, see below for more information:

To those who care intensely about this kind of stuff–which would be pretty much everyone in the tech ecosystem–Apple will hold its much-anticipated event on March 2, where the tech giant seems poised to unveil a new version of its hugely successful iPad, according to multiple sources.

Click below for the story in full.


Autism related article with regards to a new TV Show…

They have all been there.

Trying to explain to grandparents that their child is not rude or spoiled. Enduring the judgmental stares of strangers. Hoping kids at school won’t be mean.

They are parents of children with Asperger’s syndrome, and now they can see a portrayal of their lives on TV.

For More on this article, click the link below..


Please take a look at it is amazing!!!

I recently communicated with Ms. Jean Nicol the founder of “The eating Game,” please take a look at her website.

Here is a summary from their site with reference to their products and purpose:

EYECAN CREATIONS Publications, based in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, is dedicated to creating visual support materials to assist with communication, development of social skills and expectations for daily routines. We develop ready made and customized materials for children, youth and adults. We endeavour to purchase publishing supplies from local businesses. When production staff is needed we have been very fortunate in being able to hire unemployed, underemployed people with disabilities and would hope to be able to continue to do so.

The Eating GameTM and The Eater’s Choice Daily Meal Planner are available for purchase at this site and also from retail outlets across Canada (see Resources Page)

Do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about support materials we can create for you or ways we might adapt available products to meet your individual needs.

The Bucktooth Rabbit Stories will be a series of children’s fables dealing with timely, pertinent social issues by artist and author Sandra Mason.

Please go to their website and if you have special needs family members or friends with eating issues buy them the game it might work wonders for them like it has for other people.

Please also go to their fan page and take a look as well:!/pages/The-Eating-Game/117743845389

Please also take a look at Ms. Jean Nichol’s biography and future products also on their site.

Jeremy Brown’s App Recommendations for Students with Autism

Recently I became aware of a autism educator, Jeremy Brown, who is using Ipads in his classroom to help educate his special needs students. He has published the following on scribd at the following website. He has evaluated many of the available Ipad and Iphone apps and through his experiences as an autism educator, he has compiled and continues to compile lists of the best applications that are the most effective:

Here are some of them.

Jeremy Brown’s App Recommendations for Students with Autism

Jeremy Brown’s App Recommendations for Students with Autism
Updated February 7, 2011

–>Behavior Assessment Pro by Vermont BehavioralSolutions, LLC [iPhone\iPod Touch, $24.99]

–>BehaviorTrackerPro by Marz Consulting Inc.[iPhone\iPod Touch, $29.99]


Interval Minder by Notchland Labs, LLC[iPhone\iPod Touch, $2.99]

Percentally by RinnApps[iPhone\iPod Touch, $2.99]


iReward by Grembe Inc.[Universal, $4.99]

RewardTimer by Hidden View Software[iPhone\iPod Touch, $1.99]

Smart Charts by Happy Face Kidz[iPhone\iPod Touch, $2.99] AAC

TapSpeak Button for iPad by Ted Conley[iPad, $9.99]

TapSpeak Sequence for iPad by Ted Conley[iPad, $29.99]

iComm[iPhone\iPod Touch, FREE (9 categories) w/in-apppurchase $7.99 for 20 categories]

Expressive by Smarty Ears[Universal, $34.99]

MyTalkTools Mobile by
2nd Half Enterprises, LLC[Universal, FREE – LITE version limited to 12 cellsOR $39.99 & monthly subscription for web-based authoring interface]

Talkforme by iWord Limited[Universal, $5.99]

TapSpeak Choice for iPad by Ted Conley[iPad, $99.99]

Proloquo2Go by AssistiveWare[Universal, $189.99]

GRACE – Picture Exchange for Non-Verbal Peopleby Steven Troughton-Smith[Universal, $37.99]

Time Timer by Time Timer LLC[iPhone\iPod Touch, $4.99]

Autism Timer by ROUGE41[iPhone\iPod Touch, $2.99]

Teacher Tools – Who’s Next? by Naaptime Software[iPhone\iPod Touch, $2.99]


Sunny Articulation Test by Smarty Ears Apps[Universal, $49.99]

Articulate It! by Smarty Ears[Universal, $39.99]

Match2Say by Smarty Ears[Universal, $34.99]

Say It Again!, Speech Corners, Speech Squares,Speech Hangman, Tic-Tac-Talk by LIMNET[Universal, $2.99\each]

Typ-O & Typ-HD by Second Guess ApS[iPhone\iPod Touch or iPad, $1.99 or $9.99] AssistiveChat by assistive apps[Universal, $34.99]

PredictAble by Therapy Box[iPad, $159.99]

Speak It! by Future Apps Inc.[Universal, $1.99]

Dragon Dictation by Nuance Communication[Universal, FREE]

His blog is also very nice as well–>

Jeremy Brown’s App Recommendations for Students with Autism

About Jeremy:
He is an elementary special education teacher with a public school system in Maryland. He teaches a self-contained class of children in grades 3.
through 5th who have autism. Thiswill be my fifth year teaching. Assistive and instructional technologies are a professional interest of his. His students are fortunate to have several older generationiPhones and iPod Touches as well as two iPads for use in their classroom. These deviceswere purchased used off craigslist or eBay using personal funds. For many of the apps that he recommended, he was able to get promo codes from app developers in exchange forfeedback.

Please also check him out on facebook at

We are as part of our fund raising efforts trying to give free ipads to teachers and classrooms like Jeremy.
Please take a look at our fund raising page.

Please also check out who also profile special needs applications for ipads as well.

Check out the Hope Institute in Springfield Illinois they help with Autism!!!

My wife’s cousin works at the hope institute. They do a great deal to educate and train autistic people. It is a very impressive school. Please take a look at their video from youtube.

Free Free Apple Ipads and Apple Ipads fundraiser for Autism with the Puzzling Pieces

I have 3 autistic kids, 2 are twins. I was inspired by Lillies Pad’s, and the Hollyrod foundation’s promotion to help make a difference for autism. I will donate an Ipad to some of the donors. Either you can donate on our site and I will go and buy their ipad promo jewelry and once we get 60 pieces they will donate an ipad for an autistic kid or special ed classroom, or you can go to and take part in their ipad autism jewelry promotion and mention that we referred you then you have a chance at winning one as well. If you have an autistic person that needs one then email me at and tell me your story and you might get one free. Tell everyone.
If you make a donation on, then email me and tell me you were a donor and I will confirm it and you might be one of the winners.

We can also take donations on our site as well. We are trying to get started in making a difference.