Repairing Concrete Damaged by Winter Weather and Infrustructure!

Fall is almost over and we are heading into winter! Unfortunately, structural improvements to the practical elements of our environment are the last to be addressed when budgets are tight. However, repairs done routinely and with the right product can be done relatively inexpensively, thus improving the appeal of the hardscape, as well as its useful life.

Depending on your location, the opportunity to make strong, lasting repairs on damaged concrete, caused in part by snow removal equipment or simply the impact of freezing conditions, is now. For areas that contend with ice and snow, the hardscape will regularly come into contact with steel implements used to keep roads and walkways clear. When heavy equipment is employed, the concrete rarely comes out the winner. Curbs, gutters, sidewalks, light bases, drop-in-lets, walls, and more are subject to needing repairs when these conditions exist. Such damages could be structural, creating liability issues or just be aesthetically unpleasing.

A high-quality concrete repair system is the solution. A repair that will stay in place even in areas that receive repetitive impacts. A repair that will handle the constant movement caused by temperature fluctuations of the concrete it is repairing. A repair that is quick. The FLEXKIT 5 System from JES Supply Company based in Las Vegas is your answer. The FLEXKIT 5 System is the concrete repair material trusted by many of the world’s Departments of Transportation; city, county, and state municipalities; airports; power generating companies; water districts; and many more. The FLEXKIT 5 is a thermal cure vinyl polymer that when mixed with sand, will cure up to 12,000 psi in as little as 15 minutes. It has been installed in temperatures as low as 37 degrees below zero. It is unaffected by road salts, acids, auto/aviation fluids, UV light and does not contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It can be placed as thick as you need or down to a feather edge. The FLEXKIT 5 is sold in five gallon pails by JES Supply and is typically used by contractors for large industrial applications. Smaller units of the FLEXKIT 5 system are sold with the tools and all other pre-measured components needed to simplify the installation of the material. These smaller FLEXKITs, known for performing repairs on smaller damages, come in three sizes: 16, 32, and 64 ounces. The 16 oz. kit will generate 125 cubic inches of material, a 32 oz. kit will provide 275 cubic inches of material, and the 64 oz. will yield 512 cubic inches of material.

The materials used in these three kits are pre-measured and include everything you need to make a lasting repair:

  • 1 Quart Mixing Container
  • Gloves
  • Mixing Stick
  • Hand Trowel
  • Margin Trowel
  • Instructions (English/Spanish)
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • 5-Gallon Metal Pail W/Locking Lid
  • FLEXKIT 5 (Vinyl Polymer)
  • Catalyst
  • JESX (Accelerator)
  • Primer
  • 2” Chip Brush
  • Sand

FLEXKITs come in a sturdy metal pail that protects the contents of the kits during transport. When ready to apply the material, an ample amount of primer in small jugs marked A and B are mixed together in the 1-quart plastic cup, then applied to the repair area with a 2” chip brush. The primer is absorbed into the pores of the concrete and as it cures, it expands, creating an extremely strong mechanical bond. The FLEXKIT 5 liquid polymer is combined with the catalyst and, if needed, JES X (accelerator) is added. After mixing for 30 seconds, blast sand is added. Once thoroughly mixed, trowels are used to apply the mixture to the primed area. The vinyl polymer will bond on a molecular level to create the strongest of bonds. The cure time will depend on the temperature, humidity, size of the repair, and the amount of JESX used, but can be as quick as 15 minutes in summer heat or a couple of hours in sub-zero temperatures. The repair will be virtually unaffected by future freeze and thaw cycles due to its ability to “flex.” The beauty of this product is that the need to revisit the same damaged areas season after season will be no more.

Get a jump on seasonal repairs with the FLEXKITs from JES Supply Company

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