Tozo’s exciting new true wireless headphones!

Compact Structure & Exclusive Heavy Configuration

  • 12mm diameter hybrid drivers and balanced Knowles armature driver
  • LDAC HD audio decoding technology authorized by Sony
  • Hi-Res Wireless certification by JAS (Japanese Audio Association) supporting users with a 12Hz to 44.1 kHz wide frequency range
  • ANC and ENC noise cancellation functions, 6 built-in microphones designed with ENC noise cancellation

First OrigX Audio Golden Curve Presents Perfect Quality

  • HI-FI digital, material, and cavity acoustic technology compensates for the frequency lost when the sound passes through the ear canal curve, keeping the sound that reaches the eardrum closest to realityPerfected Ergonomic Design

Perfected Ergonomic Design

  • Matches the curvature of the human ear and fits the pinna, the soft silicone earplugs use a three-dimensional angle positioning to achieve the best in-ear effect
  • Breaks through the traditional shape and has a 45° inclined angle

Minimalist Appearance & Detail Design with High Quality

  • Digital display in the charging case to show the state of charge of LR earbuds
  • Charging case space capsule design under the background of the meta-universe era
  • The waistline of earbuds is like a swell of muscle to present the explosive power of deep bass, which is also smaller than ordinary earbuds 
  • Supporting Two Devices Together & Innovative Wireless Charging

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TOZO’s total sales volume just in the US market has already reached 16millions+ pairs and was commented on by 900thousand customers.

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