Cubicity/twoBEars filament review!

We recently received filament samples from Cubicity here in the USA, they sent us samples made by twoBEars:

The  Company
twoBEars was founded in 2013 to devolop bio-material for 3D-Printing, rapid prototyping and additive manufaturing.

Their Philosophy
twoBEars develops and sells only products, produced by sustainable processes. We and our business are focused on the benefit for humans AND environment.

Their Goals
twoBEars has the target to develop biopolymers with different features out of renewable raw materials and offer these materials under fair conditions to you, customers. We do not want to use polymers , which belongs to the food chain, because of ethic conflict.
Our sustainable management balance the social, environmental and financial aspects of our business.


We especially liked the green algae based filament. It has a smell like the ocean, but it works well, and is interesting in its texture.

Algae-Fuel 3D Printing Filament (2.2lbs/1kg Spool)Algae-Fuel 3D Printing FilamentWe would definitely recommend the algae based filament to anyone that needs an interesting, rougher material. It reminds me of Carbon Fiber in the way it feels to the touch. It produced  a cool unique odor while printing which is different than the typical filament.

bioFila Sustainable 3D Printing Filament

They also offer samples as well to try out see–>Free Filament Samples

We tested samples of 2 Biofila 1.75 samples of the Linen and Silk, which produced nice output.

We had a small amount of linen and recycled abs that worked well on a Printrbot and Robo3d printer.


We appreciate the opportunity to test their filament and really liked it. We also received a really nice filament cleaning cube from Voltivo set that help keep the filament from getting dirty and dusty and reduces clogging of the print head–>3DP Essentials - Filament Cleaner

For more information see Cubicity!