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Anycubic Vyper – New Generation Auto-Leveling 3D Printer We are going to be receiving an Anycubic Vyper soon to test and review and use to do educational events soon. Here are some highlights of its features and capabilities: Automatic platform levelingThe first Anycubic FDM 3D printer with Automatic platform levelingNo more manual leveling. The smart […]

Our Beta Test and Review of the Xyz Printing Davinci Jr. 2.0 Mix Printer.

We recently had the opportunity to test and review, beta test the Davinci Jr. 2.0 mix. This product is the company’s one of the newly released plus series 3D printers in the market. The physical appearance of the printer is very similar to the da Vinci Jr. 1.0. If you have limited experience with 3D printing or even if you are experienced it is an excellent choice too, I recommend you to adopt one of these cool printers.It is a decent  printer at an affordable price range and it offers many filament colors.
We found their software, Xyzware to be easy to use, and reliable. The output quality is very nice, actually better than most of the other printers that we have tested and reviewed. We like the design of the printer, it is cosmetically appealing, solid and it is solid in design. The set up was easy to do. The software, and wifi set up is relatively easy. It uses only the Xyz filament, which ensures that it works well, and with their equipment. It would be cool to be able to use other filament, but not a really big issue. The support is also quite decent from Xyz and their folks. Overall we recommend the printer to schools, families and small businesses. We really liked the ability to mix colors or print more than one color at a time too. It would be cool to have a full color version at some point.

We really liked the printer overall.

The only downside is that your have to use filament that is from XYZ Printing only and can not use open source filament.

It uses XYZware which we found to work well, especially for color mixing and printing.

Some folks like Cura, Simplify and Slicr, but overall we liked XYZware and it got the job done in an easy and efficient manner.

We wish that the printer could connect to wifi from the device, it uses a 2 step process, that works but could have been easier.

We definitely were impressed by the printer, its’ design and the output quality was better than most 3d printers that we have tested and reviewed in the last few years.

Specifications and Details–>

Product Information

Product Dimensions 23.1 x 20 x 18.7 inches
Item Weight 35 pounds
Shipping Weight 35 pounds
Manufacturer XYZprinting, Inc.
Domestic Shipping Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.
International Shipping This item is not eligible for international shipping. Learn More
Item model number 3F2JWXUS00D
Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

Date first available at Amazon.com January 16, 2017


This is an unbiased, unpaid review!



See our youtube video collage as well on the cool printer:

Our amazon Review of the Davinci Jr. 2.,0 Mix

Output Sample Gift Box

Hatchbox3d Filament loved it!

We recently had the opportunity to test and review Hatchbox3d Filament!

Hatchbox 3d

They also have a cool printer that we would love to test, review, and use to help education and autism, are intrigued by it.

As far as filament–>

We got to try a few varieties of their filament, some ABS, Some PLA and some Glass.


We used them on an Einstart -S, and a Seemecnc Delta Orion printer.

In nearly every situation the filament performed well. We are really impressed by the huge variety of colors and how well the filament performed overall.

According to Hatchbox3d:

From professional engineers to designers and hobbyists alike, enter into the world of HATCHBOX for endless opportunities of innovation and design in 3D printing. Our extensive collection of filaments caters to a variety of applications suitable for home, business, and anything your creative intellect aspires. Our distinguished craftsmanship is what makes us unique and sets us at the forefront of the competition. For consistency in quality, variety in selection, and affordability in pricing, HATCHBOX is here to provide you with the ultimate 3D printing filament solution. We encourage you to join our 3D printing community and share your vision in shaping and designing the future

We used some for a cub scout event back in May and it performed well.

In testing of the 1.75mm PLA filament and Glass Filament worked well even on a non-heated acrylic bed and all 3 types the ABS, PLA and Glass Filament performed well on a heated bed with the Seemecnc Delta Printer that we had on loan for a while.

It would probably perform as well on Hatchbox3d’s Delta Printer as well.

For more information go to Hatchbox3d’s site!

Would we recommend their filament to folks that need filament, of course we would we were rather impressed by their products!

Promolt 3d Tested and loved their filament!

We received a sample of Promolt3d’s black and one of their white filament.

According to the folks at Promolt3d :

“ProMolt 3D is committed to providing the best filament to help 3D printing enthusiasts bring their creations to life. 3D printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry as well as the art world. ProMolt 3D wants to give both sides the common factor to help them succeed – a quality, easy to use filament that keeps the creations coming. We think we have found a winner in ProMolt 3D PLA that delivers the highest quality and the best price.”
Inline image 1
Initially a team of engineers using 3D printing for prototyping designs, we now
share our passion by creating quality filament and nurturing a community to
support the desktop 3D printer user.
At ProMolt 3D we believe in the future. A future driven
by creativity and passion that expands our world.
We make products that empower our customers to dream bigger,
to believe stronger and to become the future.
So far the filament is performing well, we tested some on the Seemecnc Orion Delta printer and we are also testing some on a Shining 3d Einstart -S as well. The filament is performing well so far.  So far they seem to offer a limited selection so far however it works well.
According to Promolt3d:

Product Description

ProMolt 3D focuses on providing our customers the best 3D printing experience possible. This starts by providing professional grade quality filament at affordable prices. Our blend of filament is created using premium virgin materials through a high precision manufacturing process that ensures diameter tolerance accuracy verification through dual electronic laser diameter gauges.

Not only is this premium filament placed on a spool designed to fit most printers, but also is free of bubbles and impurities to ensure your first print is your only print.

Finest Material – 100% virgin Nature Works resin

Environmentally Friendly – Made from biodegradable materials

Long Lasting – Over 330m/1080ft of filament per spool

Satisfaction Guaranteed – 100% refund if not happy with the product

Tested Material Properties – ProMolt 3D Material Specifications page

We are really impressed by the filament that we received from them it works, well, produced nice quality output too.
IMG_0850 (1)
They are also trying to help us in our efforts to help education and autism too see the link–>

Help us to help autism see link Promolt3d our autism efforts link!

Our initial impressions of AMX3d Filament

We recently were sent samples of Amx3d’s white and black pla.

amx 3dThey are located at AMX3d.

An Overview on AMX3d:

AMX3d provides 3D printing supplies of the highest quality to customers demanding the best!

We are passionate about 3D printing… but how did we get here?

Every company has a story… this is the AMX3d story… technology, Robert, the wedding & 3D Printing…

For us, when we started and how it started began in the summer of 2015…

Our founders were tech savvy entrepreneurs before Rep Rap (the birth of much of the technology we use today for 3D printing) was conceived. A father and son team they had formed a mobile technology company located in the Chicago suburbs mostly as a hobby. The son kept his job in technology, the father was a consultant in the financial industry by day. Android and IOS apps kept them busy during the evenings (you can find their apps on Google Play and Amazon appstore if you are curious- search Gen3 Software)… late evening calls when everyone else in the family was asleep were the norm. In general, the conversations were technical talks about APIs, UX, the next opportunity in mobile, the latest IPO. Just what you’d expect father and son tech geek talks to be.

One evening, the topic was a little different. The son was getting married. His Aunt had just called to tell him that she and his Uncle would be unable to attend the wedding due to a very serious health condition with which the Uncle had been recently diagnosed. Upset, disappointed and concerned that his Aunt would be unable to attend, it was boldly proposed that they work together evenings to build a telepresence robot so his Aunt could “attend” the wedding.

Some father son teams go fishing or hunting. This team built technology. Build a robot? Challenge accepted! They attacked this project like they did any new project on a short deadline and fast became familiar technologies that were new to them… robotics, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, solenoids, relays, voltage converters… and of course, enlisting the expert artistic touches where needed…

We were impressed by the filament, we tested on Seemecnc’s Delta Orion printer and an Eistart S from Shining 3d. It worked well on both Printers:
amx3d.BlackPLa_71f51f8c-e737-4cea-abef-669973ab1672_grandeWe received a sample of White and Black pla. We used it at 210 to 220 degrees and the quality was quite nice. We used the filament at a range from an unheated and heated bed and it worked well. On the Einstart -S we used a glue stick to help the adhesion, on the Seeme CNC, I used a heated bed at about 45 degrees Celsius.

I was also impressed with the lack of smell from the filament while it printer as well–>

Cubicity/twoBEars filament review!

We recently received filament samples from Cubicity here in the USA, they sent us samples made by twoBEars:

The  Company
twoBEars was founded in 2013 to devolop bio-material for 3D-Printing, rapid prototyping and additive manufaturing.

Their Philosophy
twoBEars develops and sells only products, produced by sustainable processes. We and our business are focused on the benefit for humans AND environment.

Their Goals
twoBEars has the target to develop biopolymers with different features out of renewable raw materials and offer these materials under fair conditions to you, customers. We do not want to use polymers , which belongs to the food chain, because of ethic conflict.
Our sustainable management balance the social, environmental and financial aspects of our business.


We especially liked the green algae based filament. It has a smell like the ocean, but it works well, and is interesting in its texture.

Algae-Fuel 3D Printing Filament (2.2lbs/1kg Spool)Algae-Fuel 3D Printing FilamentWe would definitely recommend the algae based filament to anyone that needs an interesting, rougher material. It reminds me of Carbon Fiber in the way it feels to the touch. It produced  a cool unique odor while printing which is different than the typical filament.

bioFila Sustainable 3D Printing Filament

They also offer samples as well to try out see–>Free Filament Samples

We tested samples of 2 Biofila 1.75 samples of the Linen and Silk, which produced nice output.

We had a small amount of linen and recycled abs that worked well on a Printrbot and Robo3d printer.


We appreciate the opportunity to test their filament and really liked it. We also received a really nice filament cleaning cube from Voltivo set that help keep the filament from getting dirty and dusty and reduces clogging of the print head–>3DP Essentials - Filament Cleaner

For more information see Cubicity!

Solidoodle Press-Preview !!

We were given a Solidoodle Press to test and review and use to help autism too for a bit.

sdoodle press review

So far we are impressed by the design and its’ compact size.

We like that it is a fully enclosed device.

According to Solidoodle:

The Solidoodle Press is a one-touch 3D printer designed to fit in your home. A consumer machine with no manual calibration required to get started. Just take it out of the box and start printing with our new SoliPrint software.

Product Comparison: Not sure what to buy? Check out our comparison chart to see which printer is right for you.

Filament: The Solidoodle Press has a proprietary spool. While you can use other filament, we recommend Solidoodle filament for your printer.

Warranty: All printers come with a limited warranty.

SoliCare: Extend your warranty coverage with SoliCare! For coverage above and beyond our standard warranty, SoliCare covers any defects or malfunctions in your new Solidoodle Press printer shipped within the United States for one year after it ships to you, whether due to manufacturing, shipping, normal wear and tear, or accident.

International Shipping: For international orders, customs fees, import taxes and VAT may apply and are not included in the shipping costs charged by Solidoodle. Please note that we cannot estimate your country’s import taxes at this time. For an estimate we suggest using this Duty Calculator.

We have been able to print some small objects with the printer and are working on a review of it.

We appreciate receiving the printer and look forward to future testing and reviewing of it.

We would love to test and review other 3d printers and drones as well. In terms of the design of the printer, it is very appealing to look at and would fit in well in ones home or office.

There are several options as far as the software, you can use Soliprint, Solidoodle’s proprietary software, Mattercontrol from Matterhackers, Simplify 3d or Repetier with a slicer like sl3cr.


Testing the Davinci 1.0a from XYZ Printing!

We were recently loaned a Davinci 1.0A printer to test and review.


So far as first impressions it is very commercial in its’ design almost like a microwave, which is nice for the office environment.


It self calibrates and is quite easy to set up out of the box to get it up and running.

The print quality so far has been rather decent as long as one occasionally cleans the print head.

We tested it with the abs filament and were impressed.

I am not entirely sure if it can print with soft PLA so that phone cases can be printed with it or not.

Here is  one of the test prints that was printed on it–>

dav img 1

We will have more details in a future article.

So far we like the design, ease of setup and use, and the build quality is decent.

We wish that it could print on materials other than pla and abs.

In addition, the software is works well but not as flexible as other software such as matter control from matterhackers.

For more information go to XYZ Printing!

We will have a video up soon, and more information on the Davinci 1.0a as well.

Overall it is a nice device that is very solid and well constructed and is definitely a decent value for the money.