Promolt 3d Tested and loved their filament!

We received a sample of Promolt3d’s black and one of their white filament.

According to the folks at Promolt3d :

“ProMolt 3D is committed to providing the best filament to help 3D printing enthusiasts bring their creations to life. 3D printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry as well as the art world. ProMolt 3D wants to give both sides the common factor to help them succeed – a quality, easy to use filament that keeps the creations coming. We think we have found a winner in ProMolt 3D PLA that delivers the highest quality and the best price.”
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Initially a team of engineers using 3D printing for prototyping designs, we now
share our passion by creating quality filament and nurturing a community to
support the desktop 3D printer user.
At ProMolt 3D we believe in the future. A future driven
by creativity and passion that expands our world.
We make products that empower our customers to dream bigger,
to believe stronger and to become the future.
So far the filament is performing well, we tested some on the Seemecnc Orion Delta printer and we are also testing some on a Shining 3d Einstart -S as well. The filament is performing well so far.  So far they seem to offer a limited selection so far however it works well.
According to Promolt3d:

Product Description

ProMolt 3D focuses on providing our customers the best 3D printing experience possible. This starts by providing professional grade quality filament at affordable prices. Our blend of filament is created using premium virgin materials through a high precision manufacturing process that ensures diameter tolerance accuracy verification through dual electronic laser diameter gauges.

Not only is this premium filament placed on a spool designed to fit most printers, but also is free of bubbles and impurities to ensure your first print is your only print.

Finest Material – 100% virgin Nature Works resin

Environmentally Friendly – Made from biodegradable materials

Long Lasting – Over 330m/1080ft of filament per spool

Satisfaction Guaranteed – 100% refund if not happy with the product

Tested Material Properties – ProMolt 3D Material Specifications page

We are really impressed by the filament that we received from them it works, well, produced nice quality output too.
IMG_0850 (1)
They are also trying to help us in our efforts to help education and autism too see the link–>

Help us to help autism see link Promolt3d our autism efforts link!

Solidoodle Press-Preview !!

We were given a Solidoodle Press to test and review and use to help autism too for a bit.

sdoodle press review

So far we are impressed by the design and its’ compact size.

We like that it is a fully enclosed device.

According to Solidoodle:

The Solidoodle Press is a one-touch 3D printer designed to fit in your home. A consumer machine with no manual calibration required to get started. Just take it out of the box and start printing with our new SoliPrint software.

Product Comparison: Not sure what to buy? Check out our comparison chart to see which printer is right for you.

Filament: The Solidoodle Press has a proprietary spool. While you can use other filament, we recommend Solidoodle filament for your printer.

Warranty: All printers come with a limited warranty.

SoliCare: Extend your warranty coverage with SoliCare! For coverage above and beyond our standard warranty, SoliCare covers any defects or malfunctions in your new Solidoodle Press printer shipped within the United States for one year after it ships to you, whether due to manufacturing, shipping, normal wear and tear, or accident.

International Shipping: For international orders, customs fees, import taxes and VAT may apply and are not included in the shipping costs charged by Solidoodle. Please note that we cannot estimate your country’s import taxes at this time. For an estimate we suggest using this Duty Calculator.

We have been able to print some small objects with the printer and are working on a review of it.

We appreciate receiving the printer and look forward to future testing and reviewing of it.

We would love to test and review other 3d printers and drones as well. In terms of the design of the printer, it is very appealing to look at and would fit in well in ones home or office.

There are several options as far as the software, you can use Soliprint, Solidoodle’s proprietary software, Mattercontrol from Matterhackers, Simplify 3d or Repetier with a slicer like sl3cr.


Awesome 2001’ish video from 3DR Drones!!

We are huge tech fans and are trying to help autism too. We would love to use 3d printing to help autism via art and tech projects and to raise funds to help.

We are also into drones, especially ones that involve 3d printing as well.

I recently saw 3DR’s products and loved this cool video:

We would love to test and review or if possible have one of the devices donated to use to film autism events, and eventually part of the autism documentary that we are planning once we get support and funding!


If anyone can donate a good drone or 3d printer or wants to sponsor us in our efforts to use cutting edge tech to help funding for autism let me know.

Our summary of Woosh Cleaner!

Whoosh! Tech Tag

We have run into Woosh! at a bunch of events over the years. We spoke with the Woosh! folks recently at CES 2015, and they sent us a sample to evaluate. We were impressed, it worked well, did some nice cleaning for a variety of our devices!

We have used it off and on for a few years as well. It is a cleaner, that helps to prevent fingerprints and it cleans devices as well.

I use it for cleaning tablets, phones, eye glasses and lcd displays.

According to Woosh!

What is WHOOSH! Screen Shine? WHOOSH!® Screen Shine® is the next generation screen cleaner that not only cleans screens but makes them shine like new and provides a resistance to fingerprints. In fact, WHOOSH! Screen Shine is the ONLY screen and device cleaner that is guaranteed safe for all screens, 100% non-toxic, and fingerprint resistant. WHOOSH! is perfect for multi-touch and regular monitors, mobile devices, and consumer electronics including Apple Retina® displays, TFT, Glass, LCD, Plasma, OLED, UltraHD, CRT, Eink, and Ultra HD screens. TV’s, etc.

The importance of Tech Hygiene

• Maintaining personal cleanliness doesn’t end with washing our hands anymore. It should extend to our screens & devices as we touch them all day long – We take them to bed, touch them right after we eat, and some people even use them in the bathroom. Research shows that 82% of mobile phones have some form of bacterial contamination. (Source: London School of Hygiene & Topical Medicine, University of London)

• WHOOSH! removes dirt, dust, grime, makeup and skin oils while leaving a nano-thin, invisible coating that resists fingerprints and dirt buildup. Safe for You and Your Family

• WHOOSH! ingredients are reviewed and certified non-toxic by NSF International so there are no harmful residues transferred to your fingers to worry about.

• WHOOSH! is alcohol and ammonia free. It does not contain acids, chlorine, solvents, petroleum distillates, phosphates, or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

• WHOOSH! is also anti-static, and haze and streak free. • WHOOSH! is made with biodegradable surfactants. GUARANTEED – Safe for your Screens

• GUARANTEED Safe for your Screen – Won’t damage, etch or chemically harm ANY of your screens or OEM coatings. • The only screen cleaner that will stand behind the product with a “Safe for your Screen” guarantee.

• Should a screen get damaged using our product, we will repair the screen or replace the device at no cost. Great for Gamers • Allows gamers’ fingers to breeze across the screen faster and with less friction

So if you want to try some for your self there are a few varieties:

Product SKUs WHOOSH! Screen Shine is available in a variety of sizes and ships with a 6”x6” anti-microbial screen cleaning microfiber cloth:

• Pocket (.3 fluid ounces)

• On-the-Go (1 fluid ounce)

• Duo+ (one 3.4 fluid ounce bottle and one .3 fluid ounce bottle)

Retailers WHOOSH! Screen Shine is available online at and, and is also currently available at select retail stores including Fry’s Electronics and Restoration


We perform ATP tests
on phones and screens
regularly and the findings,
well, they’re gross

WHOOSH! quickly
and easily cleans
the grossness away,
leaving a fingerprint
resistant shine.
Use it every day

We like it, and it is a great product!

One in five Sun-like stars may have Earth-like planets

One in five Sun-like stars may have Earth-like planets (via AFP)

As many as one in five Sun-like stars may have a planet the size of Earth, and the nearest could be in systems visible to the naked eye, US astronomers said Monday. The research is based on a new analysis of findings from NASA’s Kepler space observatory…

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