Testing the Davinci 1.0a from XYZ Printing!

We were recently loaned a Davinci 1.0A printer to test and review.


So far as first impressions it is very commercial in its’ design almost like a microwave, which is nice for the office environment.


It self calibrates and is quite easy to set up out of the box to get it up and running.

The print quality so far has been rather decent as long as one occasionally cleans the print head.

We tested it with the abs filament and were impressed.

I am not entirely sure if it can print with soft PLA so that phone cases can be printed with it or not.

Here is  one of the test prints that was printed on it–>

dav img 1

We will have more details in a future article.

So far we like the design, ease of setup and use, and the build quality is decent.

We wish that it could print on materials other than pla and abs.

In addition, the software is works well but not as flexible as other software such as matter control from matterhackers.

For more information go to XYZ Printing!

We will have a video up soon, and more information on the Davinci 1.0a as well.

Overall it is a nice device that is very solid and well constructed and is definitely a decent value for the money.