Geeetch Announces The Education-based 3D Printer E180 Launching Soon on Kickstarter for $199!!

The Education-based 3D Printer E180 Launching Soon on Kickstarter for $199

3D printing technology is a boon to facilitate the development of STEAM education, as testified by unlimited successful teaching cases worldwide. Geeetech, a Shenzhen based 3D printer manufacturer, is gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign for its new education-based 3D printer, E180, priced at $199, 33% off its retail price.


The aim of this Kickstarter funding is to encourage more and more like-minded friends to bring this enlightening technology to children and the classroom. Through hands-on play, children could grow up with confidence, perseverance, and systematic goal-completion competence and prepare themselves for future career planning.

Engineered to be affordable and reliable, E180 comes fully assembled and exquisitely crafted, with its black and white color combination imparting a touch of simplicity and elegance. Its necessary components, such as motors, fans, power supply units, control board and wires, are entirely enclosed in the frame, ensuring that this tiny device fits to the classroom and your home in great harmony. Besides, using PLA filament, a kind of safe and environment-friendly printing materials, adds to the security coefficient of E180.

What sets E180 apart from other congeneric products are its practical and convenient features. This new machine is characterized with a 3.2″ full-color touch screen, break-resuming capability, Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud 3D printing solution, EasyPrint 3D App and its self-developed printing and control software EasyPrint 3D. All these functions are iterated for many times, for the purpose of rendering E180 easy-to-manage and suitable for teaching and learning.

With the vision of making children more enthusiastic about science, technology, engineering, art and math by employing 3D printing technology, Geeetch’s crowdfunding for E180, such a considerate learning aide and cost-efficient option for kids, will start soon. Please invest your own effort to bring this funding campaign to life~ Children’s education is in need of YOU! Check the Kickstarter page.

Here is a video of the new printer in action. We are looking forward to getting our hands on one to test and review and to use it benefit stem education programs in our area.

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Educating Children With Autism: Best Practices


Educating Children With Autism: Best Practices

1 out of every 110 children in the United States has Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Autism spectrum disorders occur when problems with brain development impact a person’s ability to function normally. A person diagnosed with ASD can vary from mild issues to severe problems, creating a unique challenge for educating those affected by the disorder. However, certain practices tend to work better at educating children with autism than others.
Children with autism need structure in their learning environments. An autistic child needs to know what’s going to happen next in his/her day, and this pattern needs to continue in order to keep focus and prevent behavioral issues. Provide visual tools to help promote structure, such as a visual schedule of activities for the day so that the child knows what happens next. Another important aspect of structure is follow-through. If a learning activity is announced, it’s important that what’s announced actually occurs.

Individualized Instruction
When creating a learning plan for an autistic child it’s important to understand that each child is different and has different strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. With this in mind, it’s important to individualize each child’s learning plan. Include each child’s individual interests and preferences into learning activities to help focus and increase involvement. Also take into consideration the intensity of instruction. While some children may thrive under more intense learning activities, others may feel discouraged, so augment your methods to keep children motivated. The goals of the family should also be involved when creating a learning plan.

Positive Behavior
Autistic children have unique needs when it comes to behavior monitoring and control. Negative behavior often occurs as a way for a child to get a specific result. To help combat negative behavior it’s important to teach an autistic child positive ways to get the same results in order to reduce, or in some cases even eliminate negative behavior. It’s also important to bear in mind other factors that may cause the behavior changes, such as environmental factors. These factors can easily be altered or managed through functional behavior assessment, which involves determining what’s causing the behavior and simply removing or developing strategies to prevent whatever is causing the negative reaction.

Family Connection
Family plays an important role in the education of an autistic child, especially when setting overall learning goals. The family plays a role in two specific ways. First, the family typically knows the child better than an educator − including behavioral triggers, strengths, and weaknesses. Second, the lessons learned in the classroom need to be taught in the home as well. This allows the child the ability to not only practice new skills, but learn to use the skills in other surroundings outside the classroom.

When approaching the education of a child with an autism spectrum disorder, it’s essential to realize that each child is unique, and an individualized approach for each case will ensure the best results. Following the tips above will help guide your choices, providing a starting point for your child to learn and grow.


Ryan Hayes writes all about education. His recent work is on The 10 Best Online Masters in Education Degree Programs.

Autistic Children Can Outgrow Difficulty Understanding Visual Cues And Sounds

Autistic Children Can Outgrow Difficulty Understanding Visual Cues And Sounds (via PR Newswire)

Download image Albert Einstein College of Medicine Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Albert Einstein College of Medicine) BRONX, N.Y., Aug. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have shown that…

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A Poem For Parents With Special Needs Children by Mari Nosal

I was referred to this Poem By Mari Nosal, an amazing advocate for autism and an author as well.

It comes from–>link

This Poem Is For My Son Who Has Aspergers – I could not be prouder of the young man he has become – even if I tried. :-0)

My Flesh and Blood

God sent you here to teach me

Some things I did not know

Through different eyes I now see

Individual paths that we all go

You’re not what I had dreamed of

The young man I thought you’d be

But you no question I love

God chose you just for me

The struggles they are worth it

We climb mountains every day

Together a fire we have lit

We’re a team in every way

On the mountain we slip and slide

Sometimes I get morose

Although it is a rocky ride

A life I never chose

I couldn’t imagine my life

With out you by my side

We do experience much strife

It floats in and out like the tide

In the end it’s worth the work

A special young man you are

Special awe of you does lurk

You have come so far

I know that you will continue to grow

I never have a doubt

Whatever paths you eventually go

May be a different route

I’ll love you for whoever you’ll be

Though different from my view

For you a great life I foresee

It will be up to you

As you go through life and become a man

And challenges confront your life

Please always remember the words I CAN

They’ll help with your strife

Remember that I love you

I always will be there

If you ever feel blue

Remember that I care

The struggles they’ll continue

Of this I’m very sure

I know I cannot change you

I know there is no cure

God sent you here to teach me

Some things I need to learn

Through your eyes I see differently

The world that I discern

All though it pains me greatly

To see you struggle as you learn

The world you venture into

Must be achieved in your own way

I can not do it for you

Your own path you’ll have to lay

You’ll fall and falter make mistakes

In God you’ll have to trust

For you my heart does sometimes ache

But let you go I must

I’ll always be behind you to help you when you fall

But you must venture out now

Your talents you must use all

You will make it on your own

I’ll be your cheering crew

Through your life much strength you’ve shown

Remember I believe in you