Happy Thanksgiving to all from those of us at Technewszone.com

We appreciate all of our friends and supporters. I appreciate my wife and 3 young adult children!

So far this year has been better than last year. In January I will start the alternative route to licensing for High School science teaching! I also sell solar and other construction products too!

God or Gods bless all depending on your perspective..

David Berkowitz

President, blogger, 3d print guy, teacher in training, aspie father of 3 with autism, and army veteran as well as  solar sales guy!


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Happy Thanksgiving 2015 to all!



We hope that you and your families have a great Thanksgiving!’


Though it was the most challenging year of my life, I appreciate my Family, Friends and all of our readers, and followers a great deal!

Let’s hope that the next 12 months are the most positive, peaceful, and bountiful of all the years preceding it!

God Bless You All!