E3D Revo Hemera XS

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Revo™ Hemera XS ships today! 📦 Meet Revo Hemera XS Revo Hemera XS is 92g lighter than Classic Hemera, so your 3D printer’s motion system can move it around faster with less inertia, reducing artifacts like ghosting. It’s also 11mm shorter than Classic Hemera, so it frees up some of your 3D printer’s build volume – […]

Pico Hybrid Hot End Launches on Kickstarter!

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Story Pico Hybrid is an upgraded hotend for your 3D printer.  Pico Hybrid improves your printer’s reliability, expands the types of materials you can print with, and lets you reach higher print speeds. Stiff, weak joints on conventional heater cartridges can cause wires to break, leading to print failures.  Pico Hybrid’s right-angle, metal-reinforced wiring ensures […]