Pico Hybrid Hot End Launches on Kickstarter!


Pico Hybrid Packaging Design

Pico Hybrid is an upgraded hotend for your 3D printer. 

Pico Hybrid improves your printer’s reliability, expands the types of materials you can print with, and lets you reach higher print speeds.

Stiff, weak joints on conventional heater cartridges can cause wires to break, leading to print failures.

 Pico Hybrid’s right-angle, metal-reinforced wiring ensures that you can keep printing without issues.

A 120 degree swivel on the heater adjusts to your mount, removing unnecessary strain on the wires.

A custom brass nut and strain relief spring protect the thermistor and ensure it stays seated firmly for consistent, reliable temperature reading.

Pico Hybrid can handle PLA, flexibles, abrasives, and engineering-grade filaments like Nylon and PEEK.

Printed with Pico Hybrid in TPU on Ender 3
Ender 3. PLA @ 150mm/s
E3D Toolchanger. PLA @ 300mm/s

Pico Hybrid prints faster than the E3D V6 and is on par with the Slice Engineering Mosquito when it comes to PLA flow rates. Enjoy fast print speed without all the ooze of a volcano!

Data collected from our custom-built Force Test Stand

Pico Hybrid eliminates the need to choose between two styles of hotend. Switch from PTFE-lined for PLA to All-Metal for more advanced materials easily with the swap of a nozzle.

PTFE-Lined Brass (Left), A2 Steel All-Metal (Right)

Remove the nozzle cold or hot. Put it in with your fingers, take it out with your fingers. No more wrenches.

When printing advanced materials, all-metal is the only way to go. 

When printing in PLA, PTFE liners still provide superior reliability, quality, and print speed due to PLA’s unique properties. 

Rigid PTFE nozzle liners precision machined from virgin-grade PTFE rods

Additionally, our PTFE liners are precision machined from virgin-grade PTFE rod. Using machined PTFE instead of cheaper extruded PTFE tube allows for tighter tolerances and less thermal expansion during printing, which can constrict the filament.

Great print quality at high speeds with PLA is possible with Pico Hybrid. See for yourself.

Printed with Pico Hybrid on Ender 3 in Silk Blue PLA @ 150mm/s

Pico Hybrid with all electronics, and and its heat-break cooling fan weighs less than 20g! 

 *PT100 Thermistor required

All Pico Hybrids come standard with a removable groove mount adapter for easy mounting. Because it is removable, there are many other ways to mount Pico Hybrid!

Swapping from an E3D V6 hotend and worried about the height difference? Our E3D extension adapter makes the Pico Hybrid EXACTLY as long as the E3D V6, allowing you to save time on mounting and spend more time printing!

Prototype shown

Using an M6 heat-set insert in a printed part, you can attach a custom printed mount directly to the Pico Hybrid, unlocking unlimited mounting possibilities!

Pico Hybrid w/ integrated part cooling on Ender 3 using 3D-Printed Creality mount. Designed by Beta Tester John’s 3D Printing Corner (Youtube)
3D-Printed SeeMeCNC SE300 Delta Mount. Pico Hybrid shown with integrated part cooling add-on. Printed by Beta Tester Practical Printing (Youtube)

You can find an STL of Pico Hybrid on Thingiverse if you want to start designing your own! Pico Hybrid Model

High-temp upgrade kit will be released shortly after initial backer delivery. Parts include a 60W reinforced heater, PT100 or Type K Thermistor, and a larger stainless steel heater block.

Early Prototype Shown

Our unique integrated part cooling attaches to the heat-break fan and is perfectly angled to cool your prints without the need for bulky fans and complicated 3D-printed fan ducts. Weighing only 5.6g, this add-on is small but mighty! It can keep up at print speeds as high as 100mm/s!

Mounts for older Makerbot and Reprap styles will be released shortly after initial backer delivery. In addition, we will design other mount styles by popular demand!

Available for purchase when we deliver to backers. Custom made mount and wire harness for Creality printers so that you can swap to Pico Hybrid with minimal effort, and no extra tools beyond what came with your printer are required!

We are beta testing the new Kickstarter add-on feature! Instead of building add-ons or additional units into pledges, you can chose any quantity of the following add-ons after you select your pledge!