I was scammed and lost a bit of money, luckily not much to these jokers!!

It seemed like a solid valid project but they scammed everyone and ran off with the mooney!

This new Decentralised Ecommerce and Freelance platform is about to change the game forever. They will will be removing the hefty fees that all the Ecommerce and freelance platforms charges their customers and sellers. You can call it amazon of Crypto.

 ⁃ If you bought 1,000 Bitcoin at 1 cent in 2009, that would’ve cost you $10, today that $10 would’ve been worth over $30 Million. This cryptocurrency have have similar potential, its like buying Bitcoin less than 1 cent in 2009, buying ethereum for $3 in 2015.

-I kick myself for missing Bitcoin and Etherium’s launches and other coins last year.

-This time I will not miss their launch and presale which is happening on the 23rd of August

Here are details on their ecosystem:


Service Catalog

A seller lists a service for $100

Under our SaaP model, sellers list their services on our marketplace first. Each posting has well defined scope of work, time of delivery, price, and other specs of service. Millions of these postings make up our extensive service catalog, which buyers use to search and browse to find the exact service they are looking for.


The buyer pays $100

Once the buyer navigates through our catalog and finds the service they want,they place the order and pay the cost of the posting. All funds awaiting completion of a job are held in escrow. Payment can be made in any BSC orETH based tokens which includes CVSN.


Work starts immediately upon order

Upon order, VLance prompts the buyer to send the seller the files required in the posting, along with a briefing document with instructions. Once received, the seller can start to work on the project immediately. They can also communicate and collaborate during the course of project through our platform.

Delivery & Payment

Escrow releases $100 in CVSN to the freelancer

They are only released when both parties (client and provider) agree that they are satisfied. In the case a job dispute, users can flag their issue and prompt VLance support.

Meet Vcom

V Com is a de-centralised global marketplace that connects buyers and sellers Vcom isn’t a company nor an organization; it’s a free open-source platform built to provide everyone with the ability to buy and sell freely

No Fees

No Middlemen

No Restrictions


Q3 2021

Token Launch

CVSN Token will be launched. CVSN will also be listed on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko upon audit completionQ4 2021

Vlance Launch

We will completely change the way digital services are provided. Introducing Vlance: a decentralised freelancer platformQ1 2022

Major Exhange Listing

During Q1 2022, we are expecting some major exchange listings. Which includes Binance and Crypto.comQ2 2022

VCom Launch

We will start by listing content creators merchandise/content and expand along the way to feature any person’s goods which is to be announced in Q2 2022Q3 2022

Charity Milestone

$1,000,000+ donation to Charities

Their Mission:

Giving power back to the Mission people through innovation

Their Mission Statement:

Giving the power back to the people by introducing
the world’s first decentralised Ecommerce and
freelance platform that changes the way of trade. Our
goal is to increase profit for the sellers while keeping
the cost low for the buyers through cutting out fees
that centralised platforms take advantage of.

Crypto Vision Key Highlights:

Large Market Opportunity
Decentralized for Transparency
Multiple Growth Opportunities
Future Proof

If you are want more information or want to be involved in the presales see–>



After the pre-sale, you can invest in CVSN tokens on Pancake Swap!