Test and Review Biolite Charge 20,000 MA.

We recently had the opportunity to test and review the Biolite Charging pack.


  •  20,000 mAh (74 Wh) capacity is enough to charge a 13 in. laptop, or multiple smaller devices
  •  USB-C Power Delivery (PD) allows for for faster charging times with compatible devices
  •  Power bank charges to full in 4 hrs. by up to 18W USB-C PD
  •  Power output: 1x USB-C PD; 2x USB-A; 18W total output
  •  Inputs: USB-C PD, up to 18W
  •  FAA carry-on compliance and an ultra-packable form factor make this power bank a perfect travel companion

I had the opportunity to use it and have used it to charge my iPhone and a Motorola Power 2020, as well as an Ipad. Ii works well and lasts quite a while between charges.

Here are some an to check out the ports and available connections:

Charge 20 PD features
  1. 18W USB C Charge In/Out Port
  2. (2) 3.0 USB A Charge Out Ports
  3. Battery Life Indicator Button
  4. Battery Life Indicator LEDs
  5. 6,000 mAh Li-Ion Battery

If you need a convenient and long-lasting charge for travel or camping or hiking this is a good option!

Designed to power the next generation
of personal electronics, BioLite’s Charge
Series features USB-C Power Delivery
for faster, more flexible charging. With a
range of options to service smartphones,
tablets, and compatible laptops, our
durable powerbanks are FAA Carry-on
compliant and utilize an ultra-packable
form factor, making this series the
perfect travel companion.

Here is a picture of the smaller version as well. I have the bigger one which is a bit bigger than my phone!

If you want one you can get one here–>

This is the one we received to review with 20,000 MA.

If you want one here is a link to Biolite’s website–>