Happy New Years 2021

Happy New Years to all.

Wow, 2020 was a crazy year.

Let’s hope that 2021 is better.

On the bright side:

-There is a vaccine in process, hopefully by the summer enough people will be vaccinated for people to be safe.

-We have a new president that wants to bring America together

-At least Jill Biden has experience in education and seems like a nice, intelligent person

-We finally have a female minority vice president, which should be a good thing

-I feel hopeful that Joe Biden seems to care about America, Americans and bringing people together

Thank you to our friends and followers. Our website is coming up on a decade on the web and social media!

As of 1/11/2021 we have been on the web for 10 years.

Who am I as the founder of Technewszone.com

-I am a father of 3 young adult children on the autism spectrum

-I am a 3d print and technology loving maker of things

-I am on the autism spectrum, hyper functioning, fairly bright

-I am a US Army Veteran

-I want to make a difference for education, autism, and veterans

-We do reviews, beta testing, and support technology startups

-We need sponsors and partners to make a difference and change the world

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We care about the people, America!

Let’s hope and pray for a much better 2021!

Stay Health, be happy!

Black Lives Matter

All lives Matter

All People Mattter!

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