Kickstarter Foldable S2 3d printer!

That’s a typical scenario you no longer need to deal with. Forget about having to assemble 2 to 5 or 7 modules to get your 3D printer working. Forget about complicated cables you don’t really know how to connect. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced 3D printing user, the Foldable S2 3D Printer comes essentially assembled and already plugged in, requiring you to only drive 4 screws in one step to have your 3D printer installed and ready to go!

Having Filaments smoothly replaced is another typical issue that 3D printer users face. Instead of having to deal with the residual Filaments that are usually left between the extruder and the nozzle, with the Foldable S2 3D Printer, you’ll have a smooth 3D printing experience. 

Since its extruder and nozzle are combined into one and use short-range feeding, the Foldable S2 3D Printer can print hard and flexible materials (TPU), it automatically or electrically returns Filaments once they are used up, and it makes it super easy for you to replace the Filaments whenever you need to. Its UI is designed to automatically remove the remaining Filaments without ever letting residual Filaments block the nozzle.

Manually adjusting the eccentric nut is a delicate task that not everyone wants or knows how to do. Considering that adjusting it too tightly or too loosely will affect the print quality, and that beginners struggle with this task, we felt we had to simplify this process. That’s why one of the ways through which the Foldable S2 3D Printer innovates is by having a Z-axis adaptive pulley module structure that automatically adjusts the force. Not just that—this is a printer that leaves the factory already with any required settings in place so that you don’t need to worry about them.

While most printers are fed remotely, the Foldable S2 3D Printer features an innovative short-range feed. While most printers can only print hard materials—such as PLA, ABS, and HIPS—, the Foldable S2 prints both hard and soft materials, such as TPU. All so that you can print more, create more, and do more!

The Foldable S2 3D Printer features a 3.5-inch color screen that fits into the perfect UI experience that we wanted this unique device to offer you. This screen allows you to directly preview the printed model, so that you can control your printing experience and results, and so that you can make sure that all the work matches your plans and expectations.

The last thing you want is to have a noisy 3D printing working session to turn your creativity off due to the typically unpleasant experience that noisy printers bring with them. That’s why we designed the Foldable S2 3D Printer with an ultra-quiet module. That means that this unique device can be quiet while delivering a stellar performance.

We want to offer you a 3D printer that looks as great as it works and that is built to perform and to last. A sign of its quality is its dustproof integrated edge banding profile, which looks better and firmer, and helps to make the printer more robust and durable—to be there, printing for you for many years to come. 

As creators ourselves, we know how important it is to support the work of makers in any creative industry. That’s why we’re so strongly committed to using open firmware. We believe that 3D is a world-changing technology that can be seriously positive for everyone around the world, so we’re making it as accessible, easy-to-use and efficient as it should be!

We bet you’ll like to know that the filament required for you to start creating and printing with your Foldable S2 3D Printer is included when you support our campaign and buy your reward!

Use in Any DIY Project—If you can think and plan it, you can print it. The Foldable S2 3D Printer is the printing arm of your imagination that makes your ideas become tangible realities.

Local manufacturing is no longer a preference. In a world affected by a pandemic that compromises global manufacturing and supply chains, local manufacturing is now a necessity. That’s why 3D printing can play such an important role in local economies and that’s also why we’re so committed to allowing creators and manufacturers to tap into the endless creative possibilities that our Foldable S2 3D printer offers.

In 2017, when 3D printer technology became increasingly popular, SMT industrial-grade motherboard engineer Peng Gong was obsessed with 3D printer technology and committed to developing the best 3D printer. He established Linghang 3D, which later became Aiweibo Technology, a company founded by senior engineers who have made it a leading technology-driven business in the industry with a solid product line. Aimed at creating a value chain centered on user personalized customization, Aiweibo Technology is committed to intelligent manufacturing, scientific research, sales, education and training, online services, and finance.

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