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xBloom All-in-One Coffee Machine

20 Auto-Adjusted Grind Settings | Unlimited Brewing Options | Curated Bean-Specific Recipe | Top Third-Wave Coffee Partners

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We re-engineered all the steps from bean grinding to solid state pouring. With xBloom All-in-One Coffee Machine, the best brew with the roasters’ recipe is on the way to your cup with one touch in 3 minutes.

The professional-grade grinder features 48mm Titanium Nitride coated conical burrs, allowing 20 automatic grind size adjustments perfect for pour-over (each step is as precise as 18.75µm), which flow seamlessly into the workflow according to the type of bean.

This is the world’s first coffee grinder with dual bearings that automatically adjusts the step motor to produce specified grind sizes, and auto-recalibrates for consistency. so you do not have to disassemble the entire grinder to center the axle.

The grinder also has a specially designed mechanism and chute to achieve near-zero retention of stale coffee grounds and it is super easy to clean.

The xPod dock will detect an xPod coffee capsule, initiate the brewing process with haptic feedback and move the xPod between the grinder and brewer.

The holder has an embedded smart scale that accurately weighs the freshly ground coffee and water output and automatically gives you the golden water-coffee ratio needed for a perfect brew.

It can also introduce vibration to the pod to shake the coffee bed while brewing (or what professionals call “Agitation”) to evenly extract the coffee.

The intelligent brewer beautifully choreographs water pouring according to bean-specific brewing style and pattern.

The IOT-connected algorithm can control the brewer to divide the water stream to be delivered up to 10 pours, and within each pour, users can configure its temperature, volume, pouring pattern, and agitation!

The quick heat time and to-the-degree temperature control deliver the perfect cup, ready to sip in just minutes.

While incredible coffee is available at the touch of a button, you can also learn to let your creative spirit run wild. You can ‘play’ with the key features through our innovative app creating your own unique flavor and aromas.

Each component has its own degree of flexibility, and together, they create over 1 trillion brewing options that can unleash everyone’s creativity.

Through exploration, you discover the unknown. As you learn, share your new and unique understanding with the community because good coffee is always worth sharing.

Each bean is unique and requires a different way to grind and brew it to deliver the full flavor for every cup. With the intelligent RFID chips and the bean recognition technology, xBloom identifies the coffee bean type and weight, then adjusts the grind settings, water temperature, brew ratio, time and pouring pattern automatically.

Our xPod beans are always roasted to order for maximum freshness. They go through the following processes before arriving at your door: roasting – delivery to warehouse – fulfillment – shipping. Usually, it takes 1 to 5 business days from roasters to the fulfillment center, and we’ll ship the  xPods within 2 business days. It’s recommended that users sit on the freshly roasted beans for a few days before brewing. So when xPods arrive at your door, they are most likely at their ideal state to be consumed!

Preparing a perfect cup of coffee is challenging. It requires great-quality beans, the ideal bean-specific recipe and the precise methods to deliver it. These three elements are the key to unlocking the full flavors and that’s why we designed the xPod.

However, knowing that many of you are creative souls with great knowledge and passion for coffee, we will offer our internal recipe-developing tool to backers who wish to join the testing program. The internal recipe-developing tool is reusable and this will only be available to Kickstarter backers. For more information, please check the FAQ section.

Each month new coffees will be added to the marketplace. We may surprise you with a local roaster or a far flung independent coffee house from the other side of the world, the possibilities are endless. With each new edition, we will share their unique processing methods and recipes, plus highlight the passionate people behind the beans. Expect to be inspired!

Most attempts at coffee products are designed with only topping the professional gear specs in mind. But since day one, Richard and Rui, xBloom’s founders, knew that it is also important for our machine to deliver good taste, to be extremely convenient to use and to make specialty coffee more accessible to everyone too.

One of the key reasons why specialty coffee tastes amazing at a cafe is because the barista perfects the extraction parameters, including grind size, water temperature, coffee-to-water ratio, pouring methods and time, etc., specifically for each bean. This master-level skill doesn’t come easy; hours of dedication, practice, and trial, and error are required to achieve consistency and precision.

This is where xBloom steps in. Our mission is to remove the barrier to specialty coffee and bring better quality beans to households everywhere. For 12 months, the engineers worked day and night creating endless prototypes and mockups, just to provide you with the most innovative and intuitive coffee experience. Together with the best third-wave coffee roasters across the country, we are revolutionizing the capsule coffee experience, where every cup is curated by the bean’s creator and delivers flavors just as the roasters intended.

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  • Get Creative Mode

A good fully-automatic coffee product is hard to make. Some Backers have had bad experiences with other failed campaigns and are concerned with xBloom’s deliverability – and we totally understand your concerns. But what might put you at ease is this: we’re not alone. We have many world-class collaborators working with us behind the scenes to help us make it happen together.

We teamed up with top suppliers to guarantee you the best quality. These suppliers also supply parts to Apple and Tesla

The xBloom All-in-One Coffee Machine is already in trial production and we will proceed to begin the mass production soon. So you don’t have to worry about those long crowdfunding waits. Our priority is to meet our commitments to you and provide our backers with a high level of value, premium quality, and service.

The xBloom team has extensive experience in product design and coffee, including both founders who are both Apple Product Design veterans, and our advisor Scott Rao (instagram: @whereisscottrao), who is a well-known coffee expert with 25 years+ experience in coffee. Members of our team have also worked in supply chain management and internet companies such as Huawei, Bytedance, Uber.

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Risks and challenges

Our team works closely with designers and manufacturers to stay on top of the game and to stick to our outlined schedule. Despite the many procedures and challenges involved throughout the campaign, we will do our best to mitigate all risks associated with project planning, production, and shipments. Should a problem come up during the process, we will definitely keep you in the loop. We aim to give you full transparency regarding the issues and solve them in a way that leaves our backers to feel happy and proud by supporting us all.Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Long-lasting design

We believe that every material, every element you touch to create your morning cup should be as impressive as the coffee itself. Our machines are designed to feel reassuring and strong, elegant and graceful, sophisticated and minimal, you can sense the quality through your fingertips. An integral part of our journey is crafting products that last. We constantly ask the question can this part be better, more durable, and longer-lasting? We use materials built for the long haul and embrace the principles of a circular economy. Did you know our coffee pods are made from sugarcane bagasse? And our outer body casing from recycled aluminum? At our core is our patented technology ‘solid-state pouring’. This innovative technology means our machines have no moving parts, so less waste and no need for replacement parts.

Reusability and recyclability

The xPods are 100% biodegradable in 30 days; they are made from sugarcane fiber bagasse. This material requires less energy to manufacture because it’s leftover from sugar processing, which helps reduce global warming. It is also a wonderful material for coffee brewing, thanks to its durability and immunity to high temperatures (such as boiling water). Sugarcane fiber also provides superior shock and vibration cushioning, so when the xPods arrive at the door, they’ll be in perfect condition. Climate change affects many of the coffee-producing regions more than it does for many of us drinking their beans. So we wanted to make sure we were doing everything we could to protect our partners around the world.

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