New and Innovative XBloom coffee system on Kickstarter..

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DiscoverStart a projectSearch 0:00 0:00 )} Project We LoveProduct DesignWalnut Creek, CA $231,125 pledged of $10,000 goal 555 backers 48days to go Back this projectRemind me All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Mon, November 28 2022 7:44 AM PST. xBloom All-in-One Coffee Machine 20 Auto-Adjusted Grind Settings | Unlimited Brewing […]

An interesting and Innovative new product from –Coffee & Tea to Go Go™

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We are huge fans of coffee and like to help startups like on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We saw this product, were intrigued, and backed the project. We are going to collaborate with them to help them in their future efforts as well, most likely. They are also trying to help the folks in the Ukraine: […]

Frescopod Innovative new pod system for Keurig

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STORYRISKSENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENTS Story frescopod™ sits next to your single-serve coffee brewer (K-Cup® 1.0 & 2.0 Compatible) & allows you to make truly eco-friendly pods in seconds with ANY coffee you’d like! Eliminate harmful waste caused by coffee consumption. Starting with plastic coffee pods. Our goal is one billion per year by 2024 & 3-5 billion by 2026. Our all-new, “Reusable Ring” securely holds one of our 100% […]

Capsulier’s the compact custom-blend capsule packaging machine Subhead: Capsulier LITE starts pre-order in October


San Francisco, CA, Capsulier, a single-serve coffee pod packaging company, releases Capsulier LITE on soft launch Pre-Order Campaign. Capsulier LITE is a one stop, simple to use, mess free, Capsule Packaging. It is not only allowed consistent and fresh tasted capsule to be made, on demand but also it is redefined the standard of capsule coffee.  

Comes with a special Stainless Steel Reusable Capsule (CAPSI), convenient can now save our environment and our money at the same time. By having Capsulier LITE, anyone would act as a barista to create the own blend professionally, anytime, anywhere. These are the major blossoming factors of Capsulier LITE is developed.


Capsulier gives a great offer starting from USD59 that the customers will receive a set of Capsulier LITE and CAPSI in Nov 2018. It is sustainable that CAPSI is reusable and stainless-steel made. To rinse with water, CAPSI is back to clear and sharp; it would go back to Capsulite LITE to create more your custom blend.


Capsulier LITE is trimmed to be slimmer while the mechanical design is patented technology. Capsulier LITE is introduced as a manual capsule packaging gadget .  Capsulier LITE offers a distinctly new approach to Capsule Packaging, with features that make anyone at home to be their personal barista.


Capsulier LITE provides:


One quick push: Capsulier LITE is a capsule packaging gadget to make a single capsule in an eyeblink. From your favourite bag of ground coffee to a mess free cup of single serve coffee, a simple gesture using the lever will complete your tailor made capsule in just two seconds.


Consistency: Consistency is a gifted ability to any experienced barista; we made Capsulier LITE the perfect tool for anyone to package the own uniform capsule. which means you can expect the same good taste of coffee to be made customly every time. It is a truly mess-free capsule packaging process.


Custom blend: It gives a custom blend by any kind of coffee and herb, and even mix and match of your own choice. It feeds various of choices when it comes to make your own cup of beverage, for instance, butterfly pea tea, osmanthus tea, cinnamon tea, and rose medium roasted coffee, lavender italian roasted coffee, critic dark roasted cafe latte. It is not even mentioned about the cost is reduced as every ingredient is chosen by your own.


Nespresso Compatible : Capsulier LITE is designed to be Nespresso compatible. After custom freshly blend, CAPSI is put into Nespresso Lattissima One, a cup of your own blended is freshly made. Capsulier LITE is one-half smaller as Nespresso Lattissima One, and also Capsulite LITE only costs one-fifth less than Nespresso Lattissima One.

Media wishing to learn more about the company or interview Capsulier personnel should contact us at

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News: Coffee gives families with special needs chance to share

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JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. – Five minutes after sitting down, Angela Fields had tears in her eyes.
With 2-year-old Emma next to her, Fields told the other three women in the room how she had moved to Joint Base Lewis-McChord in October, her husband had left for a deployment and she was learning how to raise a special needs child.
“Emma has Down’s Syndrome. She’s 2. So, were just figuring it out, really,” said Fields, of Kankakee, Ill.
Fields was able to share at the first meeting of the Exceptional Family Member Program Coffee Group. Held beside the coffee shop in the AFC Arena on Jan. 10, the 10-11 a.m. gathering was designed to give people a chance to support one another through the challenges facing military families with members who have disabilities needing special care.
“Because military wives are proud of their husbands and the work that they do, … they don’t want to add that burden onto their spouse, but yet the burden … [falls] onto that family member,” said Timmy Milligan, an EFMP systems navigator.
And those with that burden need companionship. Milligan said people caring for disabled family members face a multiple challenges, including a host of doctor’s appointments, understanding the rights of the disabled and missed school for their children to attend special treatments. Without help such as what this coffee fellowship provides, these challenges can poison family life.
“Sometimes just even hearing someone else’s story makes your story doesn’t seem as bad as it could be, and also you can make friends,” said Milligan.
Such an outlet is very useful at JBLM. According to the National Military Family Association, more than 100,000 families have exceptional needs. With the base having one of a few Developmental Pediatrics clinics within the Army, many such families are drawn here, said Milligan.
The goal of the coffee group, which meets on the first Tuesday of every month, is to empower these families. Milligan said they work toward training and helping families reach a point where they know how to meet their needs, what resources are available and let the soldier go to work without worrying about his/her family.
But the goal of the coffee group is not only sharing information, but sharing about life. Camaraderie, as Milligan said, is something people who help the disabled need. It is why the conversations at the first meeting, while giving an opportunity to open up about life’s difficulties, also provided an opportunity to simply talk.
This is why Fields was able to share her story and tears.
“I enjoyed it,” said Fields after the group ended. “Just kind of having a forum to sound off about anything obviously, it’s not just about your kids, but about whatever came up in conversation.”

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